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Favorite Albums of 2010

Man, it’s been quite some time (2007 to be exact) since I last did one of these list. I suck. While I still have a pile of albums that were released this year that I have yet to get to, the below list are some of my favorites that I have already reviewed for 2010.

Droids Attack: Must Destroy
Thick, burly doom from just three dudes from Wisconsin. I love the beefy grooves that permeate the crushing riffs found throughout this disc.

Dangers: Messy, Isn’t It?
Man this is one furious album. Cut-to-the bone social commentary and frenzied delivery make this a standout for the year.

Disfigured Dead: Visions of Death
New metal with that old school, buzzing garage sound right out of the Florida swamps. Definitely takes you bad to the old days of death metal.

Kongh: Shadows of the Shapeless
Easily one of the best albums of the year. Shadows of the Shapeless is a masterpiece of doom and sludge with just the right amount of progressive elements.

Heathen: The Evolution of Chaos
My favorite thrash disc of the year. Quick, catchy and well produced, this album has it all.

Ares Kingdom: Incendiary
“…a highly combustible, aggressive, yet melodic blend of bruising death metal and thrash…” That pretty much sums this one up nicely.

Black Breath: Heavy Breathing
How can I not have this one listed here. Their combination of old school Entombed riffs with a modern, crusty edge is just what I need to get me through the day.

Howl: Full of Hell
Looks like I’ve been on a crushing doom kick for 2010. Howl’s debut album is right up there with the best of them.

Misery Index: Heirs to Thievery
A shredding album of grind and traditional death metal as only these guys can deliver. Easily one of their best releases.

Watain: Lawless Darkness
Best black metal album of the year. These guys continue to push themselves with each release.

Masakari: The Prophet Feeds
Probably the biggest surprise of the year. Masakari aren’t your run-of-the-mill d-beat band. Definitely pick this one up.

Interment: Into the Crypts of Blasphemy
Old school swedish death metal. Old school swedish death metal. Old school swedish death metal. Need I really say more?

King Giant: Southern Darkness
I’ve just got to pimp these guys. They’re right up the road from MouthForWar headquarters and deliver catchy yet dark bluesy sludge with monster groove.

Mr. Death: Death Suits You
Much like their debut, I continue to play the hell out of this album, as well. Old school death metal delivered perfectly.

Autopsy: The Tomb Within
It’s probably the shortest album in this list, but how can you not get jacked up for some new Autopsy material. I cannot wait for their next full-length to drop.


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