June 2, 2017 | , | 3.75

Gadget, The Great Destroyer

Gadget: The Great Destroyer

Ten years have passed (nearly as long as it took me to write this damn review) since Gadget last graced/bludgeoned listener’s ears with their Swedish take on grindcore. And, goddamn, it was well worth the wait as The Great Destroyer is just as technically frenzied as their previous material. To say these guys sound enthused to be putting out an album would be an understatement — the first few seconds of album opener, “Enemies of Reason,” is enough.

Five songs have sped through your cerebral mush before you even realize it as Gadget’s unrelenting attack rarely lets up off the accelerate long enough for you to catch your breath. “Dedication” seems to slow things down a bit, but is still packing a pretty steady, head-banging rhythm and chugging riffage. At over two minutes in run time, it’s sludgey, churning sounds are one of the longest songs on the album.

“Violent Hours” is appropriately title, at least for the violent part as the fucker barely makes it to 30 seconds before we’re force-fed the crazed “The 02666 Heritage” with a rust spoon. Sweet jesus that song slays. Machine gun drumming fuels the title track, scattered mayhem dominates “Down and Out,” and a smooth build up helps “In the Name of Suffering” stand out from an otherwise same-sounding array for songs.

The Great Destroyer can be a bit tedious to sit through on occasion as much of it blends/blurs together is a ferocious series of rhythmic blasts and scathing vocal work. Gadget does slow it down here and there, but not enough to help the listener make it through the full 27 minutes without zoning out briefly. The final song sees the band branch out some with a more open vibe and dynamic structures. Still, this is a solid offering for those fans that have been waiting patiently the last decade.