October 25, 2019 | , , | 3.5

Coffins/Ilsa, Split EP

Coffins/Ilsa: Split EP

I’m a big fan of Coffins and I don’t believe that I’ve encountered Ilsa previously, so this split EP from the two bands is a win-win, at least prior to, you know, actually hearing the two tracks on offer. Released by Relapse Records a year ago, the split pits the churning, crawling death doom of Coffins with Ilsa’s sludge covered take on the same style as their split-mate.

Coffins starts things off with the nearly five minute long “Tyrant.” Gravelly, guttural vocals join dirge-y riffs and plodding drum work for a good half minute before the rhythm is notched up a bit into a steady, head-nodding gallop. As always, Coffins’ material is dark and doomy – delivered on the stable back of death metal and awash in buzzing static, as well as relentless drum work. The track ends, devolving to a chaotic eruption.

Ilsa, not to be outdone in the duration portion of the split, weighs in with the seven minute long “Cult of the Throne.” Their doomy death is a bit more raw and not quite as dense as that of Coffins, but no less impactful. The song starts off with heavy-handed drum work and lurching, buzzing riffs before the higher register vocals start screaming over top. There’s plenty of head-banging rhythms on store within this lengthy song.

There’s not much else to say about this split or any split really. If you like either of the bands representing with a single song apiece here, then this is for you. Otherwise, it’s, uh… not.