June 2, 2017 | , | 3.75

God's Hate, Mass Murder

God’s Hate: Mass Murder

Mass Murder, the debut full-length from God’s Hate — or rather three-fifths of Twitching Tongues — is not just a throwback to burly metalic hardcore of the early aughts, but also one that encompasses a modern sound. It’s nine tracks of caustic melody, back-alley beatdowns and vitriolic social commentary.

“Extermination” starts off unassumingly with a catchy bit of melodic riffage before the group shifts dramatically to a churning, hardcore chug and gallop that reminds of early Hatebreed or even Blood for Blood with a good dose of Merauder chucked into the blurring fury of flying knuckles and elbows. The group does a great job incorporating all of these elements in a cohesive, bludgeoning experience. Whether it be pit-generating breakdowns of “Unsound Fury” or infectious choruses as heard in the opener and title track — including several sound clips throughout — everything drives forward delivering the band’s message.

Rabid vocals, melodic flurries and burly chug dominate Mass Murder from start to the more dynamic finish. Toss in a smattering of a dual vocal attack and you’ve got yourself one of those albums that just won’t seem to leave my active rotation, even so long after its initial release. There’s a good amount to enjoy within this debut.