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Disfigured Dead, Visions of Death

Disfigured Dead: Visions of Death

High octane, raw and violent while echoing the likes of Death and Autopsy is no way to go through life. For this New York thrashing death metal outfit, however, it’s the only way. Disfigured Dead‘s debut full length, Visions of Death contains an old school vibe that is dirty, somewhat messy at times and flat out abusive. The album is comprised of 12 tracks reminiscent of the days of old, combining early Death and other Floridian bands of that time with the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Autopsy.

While the production and musicianship is raw and unfiltered (I love this by the way), it’s the dual vocal attack that really makes this album for me. All together the band delivers what essentially amounts to an homage to the pioneers of death metal, delivered with a frenetic and aggressive pace. I can’t get enough of shit like this.

Beyond The Darkness
Massive riffs and a bit of thick bass get the album going as the first song builds up to a pulverizing pace as the unrelenting drums come in. Man, if this ain’t a throw back song, I don’t know what is. It’s got a muddied production and it’s got its flaws, but I’ll be damned if I haven’t played the track a dozen or so times now. The high/low vocal combination is a nice touch and adds that extra little something that keeps the band from sounding too dated.

The Gates Of Hell
“The Gates of Hell” has a darker tone to it as the dual vocals growl along with chugging guitars and pile driving drums right from the start. There are a couple of spots where things are slowed down a bit for a decent bit of guitar work, but for the most part this is a pretty thrashtastic song.

Now, you know before the song even starts, based on the title, that this one is gonna have a good bit of Autopsy thrown into the mix. And you’re right. It’s there, but delivered with a bit more of a thrash influence. The chorus is aggressive, layered and nasty as hell. Love it!

Mentally Mutilated
A much slower pace gets this next track moving along for the first 30 seconds or so before some thick bass rolls into the mix. This song has got a more technical oriented feel to the guitars, but is still pretty straightforward and raw thrashing death metal. The vocals are delivered with malicious intent. I’m digging the groove and vocal patterns that come together around the three minute mark.

Welcome To The Morgue
“Welcome To The Morgue” starts off just as slowly as the previous song, building ever so steadily to a mid-tempo as the vocals come in just before the one minute mark. This one, overall, is much different than the album so far. It’s a bit on the wacky side, allowing the guys to have a little more fun with themselves. The last two minutes or so are full of memorable guitars and decent riffs.

The Act Of An Unsound Mind
Here’s another song with a little Autopsy love thrown in for good measure. It’s a chaotic, aggressive song that hits from every angle and then some! Lyrically, it’s just as disturbed as some of the earlier stuff the aforementioned influence unleashed on the metal work back in the day.

Dead But Walking
The opening riffs and deep guttural vocals have plenty of groove for you to head bang maniacally along with the band. This up-tempo beast of a song has some evil guitar work and chugging pace to go along with its vicious vocals. The more I listen to this album, the more I love the completely unproduced feel to it — the album has a reckless and malevolent feel as a result.

Trapped Between Worlds
The opening riffs to “Trapped Between Worlds” are beefy and thick and really set the tone for this chugging monolith of a song. The dual, layered vocals make this song sound that much more malevolent. This is a pretty damned good track with plenty of tempo shifts and riffing mayhem.

Visions Of Death
The title track has some sick bass work through the first 40 seconds or so before the band descends in the maniacally pounding rhythms and vicious vocals. The barbaric and blasting drum work throughout the song is killer. The dual vocals and the sick groove after the two minute mark are a nice touch.

They Hear Your Heart Beating
Holy hell! The opening to this next song is beyond evil as a stand along riff accompanies some serious belches and growls for the first 50 seconds or so before the chugging drums join in. I’m really digging the morbid and morose feel to this one especially during the slower moving portions. Awesome song!

Possessed Dead
The morbid tones of the previous song are echoed in the opening guitar work for “Possessed Dead.” That is, until the drums and vocals come in. Then it’s pretty much straightforward balls to the wall destruction. The latter half of the song has some decent groove work along with a catchy chorus that’s easy enough for you to remember and growl along with.

Eternally Entombed
The final song has a slightly lighter tone to the opening guitars before all hell breaks loose around the 30 second mark with a much thicker tone and bass heavy rhythms. This is another chugging monstrosity of a song. It’s not the strongest song on the album, but a decent enough one to end a pretty damned good disc on.

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