June 6, 2008 | | 3.5

Whisteria Cottage, demo

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Whisteria Cottage deliver heavy hitting deathcore in the vain of bands like Animosity, but put a Black Dahlia Murder spin on it. Crushing, mosh pit friendly breakdowns mix with face peeling, thrashing death metal. There’s a good deal of metal madness going on within each track on this demo — sludgy riffs, nicely timed samples, huge breakdowns, galloping riffs and an impressive vocal delivery from Mike Comegys.

“Confined” starts out a quick, sick riff and rapid fire drums before higher pitched vocals scream from the speakers. Comegys’ vocals range teeters on the insane as he shifts from high end screeches to low guttural growls. Guitarists Booth and McMillion bring thrashing guitars and massive breakdowns as the rhythm section (Trise on bass and Anderson on drums) will leave you bruised with pummeling blasts. Several tempo shifts are enough to keep you on your toes as the band hits from just about every angle with ease.

Your Broadcast is Interrupted
Chugging rhythms and chaotic guitar work accompany a huge scream in the first few seconds of this one before the band shifts from hardcore moshy riffs to full on Black Dahlia Murder attack of thrashing guitars and relentless drums. There’s a sample at the 1:40 mark that is the intro for some of the burliest breakdown riffs you’ll hear on the album. The gus quickly shift to galloping riffs and then back into pummeling mosh after a second sample to end out the track.

Your Cremation Our Reclamation
“Your Cremation Our Reclamation” opens up with slightly more melodic guitar work and machine gun blasts from the drums before the vocals come in. Group vocals are a nice touch on this one and offer a little more fan interaction. There are more beefy riffs mixed with thrash elements throughout this one, as well. I like the moshy rhythms and melodic death riffing around the 2:20 mark. It shows that the band is capable of some more mature sounding material and diversification. The track ends with a colossal breakdown.

~ ~ ~

Deathcore can become tiresome after a while, but thankfully Whisteria Cottage offer enough of their own style to keep their material from falling into the same stagnate pool as many bands within the genre. The addition of more melodic, thrash elements as well as nicely timed samples work to the band’s advantage on an impressive demo.

Favorite Tracks:
All of them

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