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3.5 out of 5 skulls
April 16, 2009 |

Swamp Thing In Shame

Fast and angry is not the only way to go through life. It’s… No, wait. I take that back. It is the only way to go through life and Swamp Thing are here to provide the soundtrack in minute and a half bursts of furious hardcore.

Leaving everything on the recording room floor, In Shame is chock full of violent blasts, mid-tempo reprieves and a vocal presence that’s got a bit more of an edge to it. There’s something raw and honest to the shouts and screams on this disc that helps separate the album from other hardcore releases as of late.

After listening to the following tracks you’ll be left feeling agitated and on edge, ready to plow your fist through the next bastard who crosses you. The hectic and frenzied pace of each track should have you pumped to tear life a new one.

“Crush” opens up In Shame with some fast paced rhythms and raw vocals. There’s a nice slowdown around :30 that lets you get caught up while the vocalist shouts at you along with beefy riffs.

I Hate This
The second song has an feel similar to older American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost. I’m diggin’ it. There’s a decent groove behind the raw riffing and steady drum work.

It’s Our Fault
The longest track on the disc as 2:15, “It’s Our Fault” starts out with some dark guitars and light drums for the first 20 seconds or so as a thick, but slow moving bass line comes in. The pace picks up after the thirty second mark with mid-tempo beats and the urgent, raw vocals. The pace increases again at the one minute mark to come to a frenzied crescendo of caustic guitars and pummel drums. The backing vocals toward the end of the track are a nice touch.

In Shame
The title track thunders along with driving, punk tinged riffs and steady kidney punching beat. I love the angst and aggression to the vocals throughout this disc. Even when the dude is “mellow’ they shouts and growls are in your face and ready to throw down at any minute.

Lock The Door
“Lock The Door” has a slower start, yet still feels like some dark back alley of the inner city. Sludge tinge guitars give way to pile driving drums and vocal delivery around the 40 second mark.

Stepping Stones
Having trouble keeping up? I am. This next mid-tempo one is peppered with feeding frenzied drum blasts and discordant riffing. This one will have you shouting along in a head banging fury with a quickness.

Enjoy It
“Enjoy It” has a great up tempo beat to it with dual vocal attack that’s quite refreshing and energizing. This is the song you want to listen to before hitting the town.

Regretting And Forgetting
Here’s another one with that American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost feel to it. Far from aping the former Boston band, Swamp Thing have culled their own brand of melodic hardcore that’s got an undeniable raw edge to it. I’m enjoying the hell out of this album.

Your Faces
Man this one starts out violently with frantic drum blasts and layered screams/shouts. Violent and agitated, “Your Faces” takes a moment 25 second in to let you catch up and settle in before unleashing a torrent of savagery tin the form of “What Did We Do?”.

What Did We Do?
This next one erupts with a flurry of drum blasts and driving guitars. The vocals continue their acerbic and raw delivery to great effect. The slowdown before the one minute mark allows for some memorable riffing and drums. I love the the groove at :40 — it’s damned catchy, especially considering the punk blasts that quick follows.

If you’re not paying attention, you’re libel to miss this badass track. This thing is like a car wreck on meth — frenzied, twisting and acrid elements attack the senses at all angles.

I’ve Let You Ruin Me
Thundering drums open up “I’ve Let You Ruin Me” for a few second before big riffs and vocals come in. The pace remains steady through the first 40 seconds or so before picking it up a bit with some catchy drum work and driving riffs.

The first 30 seconds or so are rather tame, but holy hell, “Hiding” is a spastic, schizophrenic blast of noise and hardcore. From the careening guitars to the animalistic drums, this final song is everything you could wish for in wrapping up a stellar effort from Swamp Thing. You’re going to need to listen to it repeatedly to catch all the nuances and change-ups — a killer way to end the album.

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