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Nunslaughter / Antiseen, split

Nunslaughter/Antiseen: split

I’ve run across some interesting combinations on split releases in my time, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever come across an amalgam of metal as polar opposite as that of Antiseen and Nunslaughter. Hells Headbangers, however, thought that this duo would make for a match made in, well, Hell. I’m not all that convinced.

Antiseen is up first with two songs firmly rooted in Rock n’ Roll, albeit a punk tinged, Motorhead worshipping version of rock. “Air of Opportunity” is a pretty straightforward rock affair with rumbling bass and steady drum work. Vocally, there’s definitely a good bit of gravelly Lemmy in the mix as the guys make their way through their first offering. “Down the Bone” follows suit almost seamlessly with a sound that is just the same as the first — punk, booze, Motorhead. The songs weren’t my favorite by any means, but they were enjoyable enough in their own right.

While Antiseen clung tightly to what they know best as they delivered their politics-based lyrics, Nunslaughter do what they do best — piss on every form of organized religion available for their blasphemous golden shower. “So Vile” is jam packed with vile hatred delivered through churning, galloping blackened death metal. It’s a solid effort on their part and falls right in line with what I expect from this underground legends. The groups second helping of vitriol, “The Burning Times,” is by far the better of their two songs on offer here. It’s violent right from the start and never lets up as they pummel their way through a frightened clergy with reckless abandon.

Obviously, I’m a bigger fan of Nunslaughter than their counterpart on this split, but the music in general (though it may completely contrast) is pretty decent. To be brutally honest, I’ll probably skip over the first two tracks going forward with future replays of the release.