October 20, 2015 | , , | 3.5

Nunslaughter / Witchtrap, split

Nunslaughter / Witchtrap: split

Is there really any point in introducing Nunslaughter for the fifth time this year? If you don’t know who they are or how vast their discography is, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this review. Just know that they are one half — the better half — of a pretty decent split EP with Witchtrap, who come across a bit more juvenile though infectious.

“La Ofrenda” is the first offering from Nunslaughter as it starts off with sickly, crawling guitars and a big scream before unleashing the band’s take on thrashing death metal. Vicious, violent and packed full of venom, the song is the epitome of the band’s sound. “Alter de la Muerta” gets rolling a bit slower than its predecessor, but no less malevolent. The song eventually builds to a cacophonous, mid-paced blast of devil music.

Witchtrap’s half of this split is decent enough. The music of “Sex Commander” is catchy with good riffing and teutonic thrash rhythms, but man, those lyrics are beyond sophomoric at best. “The Devil’s on the Loose” is a bit better in the lyric department as the song exudes evil and pile-driving rhythms and riffage. It’s definitely my favorite of the two offerings from the group.

It’s interesting to hear the two varieties of metal on hand with this split. Nunslaughter do what they do best with vile death thrash while Witchtrap certainly garner attention in their own fashion. I prefer the first half of the split, but then again, I’m not, I guess, a sex commander.