June 13, 2014 | , , | 3.5

Noothgrush/Coffins, split

Noothgrush/Coffins: split

Crusty, sludgy doom. That’s what you’re going to find on this split EP from Oakland’s Noothgrush and the indomitable Coffins. These five songs plunder and lurch their way through fuzzed out riffs, psychotic recordings, sludgy groove and some seriously heavy, heaviness. What more could you want?

Noothgrush get things started off with the Sabbathian influenced “Humandemic,” and it’s throw-back opening riffage. The hommage to the doom pioneers quickly devolves as the screamed vocals arrive. The pace doesn’t much increase from it’s steady, glacial rhythm, but track certainly leaves an impression. It’s dark and bestial, setting the tone for the remaining two songs from the band.

“Jundland Wastes” keeps the manic vocal delivery spewing as waves of sludge ooze from the speakers, carried upon monolithic riffage and reverb. This is probably my favorite of the trio from Noothgrush if not for the vocal delivery alone. There’s a warbling, sickening groove flowing beneath it all that will have you nodding along like a near-decrepit undead following the scent of brain matter. “Thoth” is a nine minute monster of a track. With a pace and teutonic riffage progressing at the speed of decomposition, the song has a disturbing vibe due to the recorded ramblings of some madman — who coincidentally sounds just like “Crazy Bob” who lived in a basement apartment below me many years ago.

While Noothgrush offer three songs here, Coffins keep it simple with a pair of raucous, groove-fueled tracks that encompass everything you’ve come to expect from the group. “Drown in Revelation” fades in smoothly, eventually crushing skulls steam-roller style with barbaric drum work, searing reverb and crushing riffs. Deep guttural growls make for a nice change of pace from the scathing, wretched screams of the band’s counterparts over the first three tracks. The end of the song will have heads snapping with surprising ease.

“The Wretched Path” keeps the monstrous groove flowing with crushing riffage and a guttural vocal pattern to match. It’s one hell of a catchy track. I’m digging the hell out this pummeling song and it’s a great one to end a solid split with, as well. Enough so that I’ve been hitting repeat on this bitch for far too long. Then again, it is damn good.