November 23, 2011 | , |


Rise Vulcan Spectre album art

Norwegian thrash beasts, NEKROMANTHEON, have unveiled the cover art and track listing of their upcoming release Rise, Vulcan Spectre. This marks the band’s second album, and their Indie Recordings’ debut, and will be released on January 13th in Europe and January 17th in North America.


  1. Cast Down to the Void
  2. Blood Wisdom
  3. Embrace the Oracle
  4. Coven of the Minotaur
  5. The Usurper Command
  6. Rise, Vulcan Spectre
  7. Twelve Depths of Hades
  8. Raised by Dogs

Having previously released one album and a EP, this powerful trio has regressed far back into the glorious days of real metal, breaking the chains to all that is plastic. Their second and forthcoming full-length is even faster, filthier, and more evil than ever! With Rise, Vulcan Spectre, Nekromantheon have truly summoned the ancient Greek gods of havoc, and will let nothing stand in the way of this unholy blood offering. Worship the beast!