May 1, 2015 | , | 3.75

Iron Reagan, The Tyranny of Will

Iron Reagan: The Tyranny of Will

I think we all know about these guys at this point. Through just their second full-length effort (24 songs in under 32 minutes), Iron Reagan have been slinging their take on in-your-face, cross-over thrash at any one and every one willing—and not so willing— to listen. It’s infectious at times, tedious at others, but The Tyrrany of Will once again sees these guys belting out their socio-political bent as aggressively and quickly as possible.

Much like Jerry Glanville once called the NFL, the No Fun League, so too has Iron Reagan been compared to Municipal Waste—half of the members are in both bands. While beer bongs and zombies dominate the latter’s material, the former’s lyrical content is usually focused on social injustice and political malfeasance. Beside the band’s message the music on The Tyranny of Will is a good deal more gritty and aggressive.

Several of the songs (“The Living Skull” and “You’re Kid’s An Asshole” for example) have appeared on previous releases from the band, but have been re-recorded for this effort. Song lengths range from 12 seconds to the four minute long album closer. You’ve got your power-violence blasts peppered throughout by thrash and quick-paced hardcore—which helps break up a bit of monotony that tends to creep in periodically with music like this.

But, when all is said and done, The Tyranny of Will is the group’s best output to date and shows that they have no signs of slowing down, even for a “side project” like this.