April 18, 2014 | , | 4.25

Harm, Cadaver Christi

Harm: Cadaver Christi

F.D.A. Rekotz is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels as of late. They’ve been unearthing, exhuming and unleashing some seriously good shit the past couple of years. Cadaver Christi, the debut from Germany’s Harm are another notch in the gauntleted fist behind the company.

Combine Grave, Dismember, Autopsy (Acts of the Unspeakable era), early Obituary and a splattering of even earlier Deicide and you’ve pretty much nailed what these guys are spewing over ten tracks in just over half an hour. Buzzing sawing, Entombed-inspired riffage gets us underway with album opener, “My Name is Jack.” As far as introductions go, it’s as violent as they come. Vicious, Reifert style, off-kilter snarling growls fill the air as malevolent guitars and barbaric rhythms accompany.

The sound of Cadaver Christi is pretty raw and fetid, but still clear and crisp enough to make it quite a pleasure to be bludgeoned over the head with. “Burn the Saints” is a galloping march of hatred toward Christ and religion in general. It’s up-tempo chug and weaving lead work makes it addictive as hell and a personal favorite. The title track has a touch of Hail of Bullets to the opening guitar, as more Autopsy infused vocal work vomits out of your speakers before the guys go completely ape shit on their instruments.

Other standout moments include the unrelenting, driving “Divers of Death,” the awesome bass work on “Blood of God,” even more Autopsy love at the onset of “Harmageddon,” and unhinged album closer “Cross Desecration.” Man, all in all, there is really nothing to complain about with Cadaver Christi. Sure the guys wear their influences on their sleeves like bloody patches, but never do they dwell to long on a single element, instead they chop that shit up and hurl it into their own brand of death metal. This is a hell of a debut.