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Goatwhore, Blood for the Master

Goatwhore: Blood for the Master

Goatwhore’s 2009 full-length, Carving Out the Eyes of God was an amazing album, rife with memorable hymns of religion bashing mayhem. Well, the New Orleans based band is back with even more apocalyptic blackened death/thrash in the form of Blood for the Master. This album, however, isn’t a simple rehashing of what made Carving a fairly successful album.

The ten songs on this latest release are so much more furious than previous material, yet it’s not a full-on, full throttle attack 24/7. Goatwhore show a solid measure of maturity in crafting songs that vary in pace and tempo — songs that are more engaging than albums past. At one minute you’ll be bludgeoned by pile-driving rhythms and then next caught in sludgy, grooves at a moderate clip. Vocally, lead growler Falgoust, is as powerful as ever, often throwing down with guitarist Sammy Duet on a few songs.

Album opener, “Collapse in Eternal Worth” let’s you know immediately that Goatwhore aren’t fucking around with Blood for the Master. It explodes out of the gate with a ferociously paced tempo and a blackened guitar attack. The band continues with their trademark sound and presentation with the awesomely titled “Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred Word.” It’s a song that is as catchy as they come with head-banging rhythms and memorable vocal patterns. “Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos” is an example of the band branching out a bit with an atmospheric start (soaring guitar and acoustic together) before launching head first into the mosh pit with thrashing riffs and thundering groove.

The first half of the album is a bit more cohesive and memorable, but songs like “Death to the Architects of Heaven” in the latter half are pretty damned bludgeoning in their own right, injecting moments of harmony into the mix to keep things interesting. The album closer has some nice drum work throughout as the band shift from blackened death to thrash and back again a few times while delivering their message.

Goatwhore may not be the most innovative band in the metal realms, but there’s no denying just how addictive their albums can be. Catchy, pulverising and down right fun, Blood for the Master will seep into your very soul begging for another spin in the stereo. You’ve been warned.