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Artist: Entombed
Album: Clandestine
Label: Earache
Release Date: Mar 1995
Total Tracks: 11
Rating: 4/5
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I remember buying this album shortly after it was released and the first thing that I noticed was the omittance of L.G. Petrovs name as lead singer. Having absolutely overplayed Left Hand Path so much that the cassette (that’s right, cassette) tape was almost indecipherable, I was distraught at not having Petrov’s vocals to listen to.

As soon as I popped that tape into the player, all my worries were pounded from my skull. This album carries with it some of the best death metal songs of all time:

As the first review in the new Re-Animated series, the question that we need to tackle is how does this album stand up to the current trend in the same genre. I’m pretty sure that I can safely say that this album would, if released today, stand up well amongst today’s bands. While it probably wouldn’t be as revolutionary as it was the day it was released, the guitar work, insane drums, and the deep growls of Nicke Andersson combine to bring you one of the best death metal albums of all time.

I no longer have the cassette in my collection (at least one that plays properly), but I can guarantee you that this is at the top of my list of older albums that I need to buy when I get the extra cash. If you are a fan of classic chugging death metal, then this should be one of the most played CDs in your stack.

Favorite Tracks:
Living Dead
Sinners Bleed
Stranger Aeons
Chaos Breed

Additional Notes:
I believe that this is the only Entombed release to ever have a lead singer screaming away other than L.G. Petrov.