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Album Cover

Artist: Disincarnate
Album: Dreams of a Carrion Kind
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: Mar 1993
Total Tracks: 11
Rating: 3/5

The brain child of death metal guitar legend James Murphy (Death, Obituary, Cancer), Disincarnate played a very technical style of death metal. Their lone album, Dreams of a Carrion Kind has an epic feel to it. The song writing was much more advanced and structured than most of the music that was released in that genre at the time. The lyrics and vocal delivery are full of doom, completing the tremendous experience of this album.

This album, I believe, never received the acclaim that it deserved. Having been released during declining years in the genre’s popularity, Murphy’s riffs and solos fell upon ears that were now listening to sounds from Seattle. In my opinion, his work on this album is by far some of this best material and any death metal fan that has not heard the release should definitely keep their eyes open for it.

Favorite Tracks:
Beyond the Flesh
Monarch of the Sleeping Marches

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