April 28, 2016 | , | 3.75

Demonical, Black Flesh Redemption

Demonical: Black Flesh Redemption

Ever since getting my filthy paws on Demonical’s last full-length, Darkness Unbound, I’ve been patiently awaiting the next slab of buzzsaw-infused Swedish death metal. Thankfully, I received a copy of this four-banger EP a while back. It’s just 17 minutes in run time, but Black Flesh Redemption provides enough chugging riffage and groove to keep me satiated for a little while.

The EP opens up with your classic Swedish death metal guitar tone and barbaric pounding of the skins. “Cursed Liberation” is infectious to say the least — hooking you by the base of the skull and pulling you into their churning, buzzing, galloping sound that also incorporates a little slowing doom influence. The track hits all the right notes for me. i love this shit. “Drown in Flames” steps up the malevolence with a steam-rolling rhythm section and a sinister lead. As much as I enjoyed the groove of the opening track, the pace and thunderous drum work makes this one a stand out for me. It’s a beast.

The second half of Black Flesh Redemption opens up with “Throne of Perdition,” eases in with distant guitars and a bit of ambient noise before buzzing guitars fill the air, adding depth and a gloomy overall vibe. This is one bleak, dark song with a relatively slow pace, but not less infectious. This is a tension-filled, head-banger. “To Become the Weapon” closes out Demonical’s latest EP with a return to the burn and churn we heard earlier. Pounding drums, rumbling bass, driving buzz-saw riffs and Widgren’s deep snarl are all in step on this last track.

It’s only four songs, but Black Flesh Redemption will have fans drooling in anticipation for the band’s next full-length.