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Deiphago, Satan Alpha Omega

Deiphago: Satan Alpha Omega

It’s been a couple of years since I was last aurally assaulted by these blasphemous bastards, but Deiphago are back once again with another full-length effort exalting the dark, fiery, and all-around badass, Satan. The eleven track Satan Alpha Omega isn’t quite as cacophonous as Filipino Antichrist, but it’s pretty damned close as the guys shred through each song with absolute recklessness and a rabid fervor that few bands are able to capture.

After the air raid sirens of the opening intro, “Human Race Absolute End” literally detonates like an atom bomb cranked up on some low-grade amphetamines. Festering, tortured screams accompany drum work that, much like previous efforts, is all sorts of crazy. Newish member Savnok (since 2011) is just as barbaric and frantic as those that filled in for the band’s drummer in years past. Both guitarist Sidapa and vocalist/bassist Voltaire 666 are up to their usual antics with buzzed out mayhem on both ends. Right from the start of this second song, you know exactly what to expect for the remaining songs (cover of Deicide’s “Crucifixation aside) — clattering, crashing drums, rumbling low end and riffs that aim to only sever spinal columns and annoy with their constant buzzing attack.

“Heretic Oath” is one hell of a song as the guys stagger explosive blasts along with brief respites to keep you unbalanced and unprepared for the next arrival of Lucifer. Needless to say, I absolutely love this song. “Satan Mongers” is a beast of a song that refuses to let up pressure as the band firmly plants one of their spiked boots on your esophagus. It’s also a track with some of the more restrained drum work as the bass threatens to overspill its bounds with a distinctive and volcanic rumble. “Atrocities Absurdities” is a rancid helping of steaming priest innards if ever there was one. This song is vile and raw as fuck as the band plows through two minutes of sheer, unadulterated hate. The title track is destructive on a global level. It’s a huge song that carries the weight of the album well before the guys close out their latest full length with the dark ambiance of “Outro.”

All in all, Satan Alpha Omega is another solid helping of anti-everything, blackened mayhem from Deiphago. It’s not as raw as previous songs, but to say this album is cleanly produced would be, well, silly really. The band may sound a little more clear this time around, but they are no less raw or destructive as albums past. This is an album that hurts the first couple of times through, but after a while, it’s blurred attack is exactly what Dr. Mephistopheles ordered.