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Deiphago, Filipino Antichrist

Deiphago: Filipino Antichrist

At first I’d planned on breaking this album down track by track, like I traditionally do with reviews for this here site, but sweet mother of all things unholy, I’m not even sure if there are actually any songs to distinguish from on Deiphago‘s Filipino Antichrist. There are, of course, actual songs on this album, but they are buried beneath ten to fifteen layers of reverb, static, shrieks, clashing drums and Satan’s ball sweat.

Often labeled as bestial black metal, there’s a great deal more to this album than any one musical label can successfully rein in. These guys, going on 20 years as a band apparently, deliver cacophonous black metal with heavy doses of grind and death at levels of furious hatred that I’ve never encountered before. And, I like it!

Upon the first couple of listens to Filipino Antichrist I was left dazed, confused and ready to toss this one aside and move on, but something called me back over and over. From the dramatic, layered opening intro track to the unstructured blasting drums of just about every song to the vicious vocals (shrieks, gurgles, growls and howls), this album is an amazing amalgam of everything extreme in metal.

It’s hard to pick out any standout songs as they all have something, or several somethings for that matter, that will call out to those looking for a bit more from their underground metal. This album is chaotic. It’s ferocious. It’s so completely off the wall intense that you’re sure to fall for its clashing battle of instruments and shrieks in no time. For those of you, like myself, that are uninitiated in the ways of Deiphago take heed — have a friend at the ready with a straight jacket upon your first listen. It’s going to be a blasphemous mind fuck if ever there was one.

All hail Satan!

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