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Convulse, Evil Prevails

Convulse: Evil Prevails

Last year was the first time we had heard from Finland’s Convulse in over 20 years. The band announced their return with the two-song EP, Inner Evil, and a sound that hadn’t changed much at all from their first tour of duty back in the early nineties. The same can be said about their third full-length. Evil Prevails delivers a sound that not only reminds of the early days of death metal, but is also played by dudes that were actually there.

Convulse weren’t as big as some of their peers back in the day, but that’s not stopping them from staking their claim on the fetid mountain that is death metal. This four-piece delivers churning, festering metal on these eight tracks with a raw, analog sound. From the start of “We Kill Our Kind,” Evil Prevails shows no signs of the band attempting to remove themselves from the old school mentality. This ripping album opener is murky, abrasive and raw yet also has enough catchy riffs and hooks, along with a pile driving rhythm section to keep you fully engaged and ready for the remaining seven songs.

“Unholy War” has a familiar opening riff pattern before the guys devolve into the sludgy miasm with less discernable riffage and rabid drums. The song oozes early 90’s death metal. It’s vicious, malevolent and contains a solid amount of variety amongst the sludgy textures. “World Downfall” follows suit with another familiar opening as the song builds steadily for a bit before erupting in a frenzy of barked growls and up-tempo drums. There’s a pretty sick lead that arrives before the three minute mark that shouldn’t be missed.

The acoustic intro to “God is Delusion” changes the whole theme and vibe of the album almost immediately as it plays softly for the first half minute or so before a blast of drum work announces the return of the churning metal. This song does not disappoint as it hits rapidly with a bestial cadence and violent rhythm. The title track dives back into the colossal wood chipper of death with swirling riffage and swampy tones. It’s a deep song with some clever guitar work and atmospheric items added for good measure. Once the guys settle into the meat of it however, there’s a killer groove sure to have heads banging along in no time.

“Reborn in Chaos” is one of those songs that heaves rampant riffs and galloping drums about in a sludgy murky storm of malevolence that just sticks with you for a good long while after it’s done. The sickly melodies that the guys throw in for good measure certainly don’t hurt either. Wrapping up Evil Prevails is “Oceans of Dust,” one of the more powerful and fully developed tracks on the album — it’s another memorable effort by the band that is sure to have fans ready to hit “play” one more time.