June 7, 2006 | | 4.5

Cannibal Corpse, Kill

I’ve got to tell you that I was quite disappointed when I first saw this disc. Part of the allure of purchasing a Corpse album is the cover art. I remember long ago surppressing the urge to vomit when I first purchased Eaten Back to Life and Tomb of the Mutilated. Now, all I get for a disc released on their 10th year as a band is some crappy text treatment. Is this supposed to be their “black album?” I mean, where the hell are the half eaten zombies — their cavities filled with writhing maggots?

At any rate, the band tears the death metal scene a new one with Kill. With the return of guitarist, Rob Barrett, the band hacks away at your skull with the precision of a razor sharp machete. After 10+ years in existence you would think that the band has nothing to prove. Yet after listening to these insanely brutal and punishing tracks it seems that the band is taking their shot at being the big dog once again.

Several of the tracks on Kill are already looking to be Corpse classics as well as some of the best songs of the year. Fast paced assaults accompanied with twisted guitar solos are a great way to go through life.

The Time to Kill is Now
The opening track on the album makes it quite apparent right away that the band isn’t fucking around on this one. It is 2 minutes of unbridled aggression sure to get the blood flowing in any rotting coffin. It’s fast, it’s angry, and it’s some of the most intense Corpse I’ve heard in quite some time.

Make Them Suffer
A big riff kicks this one into high gear as Corpsegrinder belts out a deep scream. It’s quick paced with shredding guitars and a killer hook in the chorus.

Murder Worship
If this song doesn’t drive you to want to destroy, then nothing will. It’s chugging mosh keeps the momentum moving along nicely. Fisher’s delivery is deep and guttural with a few high-toned screams that we heard in the last Paths of Possession where he stretches his vocals cords to their maximum.

Necrosadistic Warning
A huge wall of death tears this up immediately. It’s full on classic Corpse if ever I heard it. It’s one of the best tracks on the album, hands down.

Five Nails Through the Neck
With some of the more disturbing lyrical content, this one is just plain crushing. It’s a bit slower on the drums than the previous tracks, but the riffs more than make up for it. When the drums do pick up the pace, watch your ass. This one has a great groove to it.

Purification by Fire
Insanity starts this one off — technical drumming, shredding solo, and more. The opening solo is the best one on the album.

Death Walking Terror
Big time chugging riffs continue the head banging as Fisher slows his delivery a bit on this one. This one is great really loud.

Barbaric Bludgeonings
Another Corpse element that has always appealed to me (and probably all of their fans) is the over-the-top song names. You just can’t beat “Barbaric Bludgeonings,” no pun intended. After the brief slow down with the last track the band quickly raises the intensity level once again with that classic sound.

The Disciple of Revenge
This one sort of has a Slayer feel to it’s opening riff. That feeling is quickly squashed when you realize that’s not Tom Araya spitting death through the microphone.

Brain Removal Device
More classic beats and riffs from the band continue with this one. I love Fisher’s quick, staggered delivery in this one.

After 10 solid tracks at high volume it’s hard not to feel a bit maniacal yourself. The band keeps up the intensity and aggression.

Submerged in Boiling Flesh
This one has a great head-banging groove to it that’s simply contagious.

Infinite Misery
When you think you can’t take any more, the band eases up just a bit with a final instrumental track. It’s not your typical death metal outro with piano and acoustic guitar. It’s a full on Cannibal Corpse song minus the lyrics and is a
great closer to this release.

While I have enjoyed the Corpsegrinder-era of Cannibal Corpse, I do have to say that I miss Chris Barnes’ indecipherable, guttural growls. I can say that this is probably my favorite release with Fisher on lead vocals. If you are a long time fan of the band, you’re going to pick this up anyways, but if you are unsure of their past material this one has enough varied elements in it to bring in new fans. Kill.

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All of them

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