January 15, 2014 | , | 3.75

Blind to Faith, Under the Heptogram

Blind to Faith: Under the Heptogram

It’s not often that an EP will capture my attention like Blind to Faith’s Under the Heptogram has. Comprised of current and former members of Rise And Fall, Reproach and Insult, this four piece deliver a mix of Entombed’s death-n-roll, d-beat, crust, hardcore and even a little death metal in the mix. But the biggest resemblance that comes to mind (especially when lead growler Stijn erupts) is metallic hardcore stalwarts Ringworm. The vocal similarity is uncanny.

The instrumental four and a half minute “Intro” builds gradually from atmospheric and slightly doomy guitar noise into a steady rhythm that I wouldn’t have minded going on for a bit longer. It sets the mood nicely for what’s to come. The title track erupts out of the gate with a bit of Entombed inspired guitar while Stijn barks viciously at the listener. The song has a smooth, head banging groove flowing well through a chorus that gives you ample opportunity to shout along with the band. There’s a metallic hardcore edge to the music as well as an underlying melody that makes this sub-two minute long song that much more enjoyable.

“Burial of Mankind” is more ferocious as the heavy drum work increases in pace and the vocal delivery shifts to suit, as well. It’s the more aggressive of the three songs and offers a more varied sound than the straightforward “Under The Heptagram.” The halfway point sees a slowdown with rumbling bass before the guys dive into a chugging maelstrom of riffage.

Under The Heptagram is a brooding, short-lived EP that begs for multiple plays. There’s enough aggression and groove to keep heads banging along for a while. If Blind to Faith’s next full-length is going to be anything like this, sign me up.