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Wolfbrigade, Damned

Wolfbrigade: Damned

This is my first time running across the path of Sweden’s Wolfbrigade and their latest slab of crusty d-beat hardcore, Damned. And, with this being my premier run-in with these guys, I’m left feeling a little damned myself after just the first song. This shit is serious. Like back-alley beat down serious.

Dark and threatening, the brand of hardcore within these twelve tracks take on a metallic tone at times, but always deliver a sinister bit of crust with unbridled aggressiveness. Rarely letting up off the throttle (“Ride The Steel” the lone example of the band relaxing a bit), each track is pedal to the metal — unrelenting and charging riffs and bludgeoning rhythms. The first few seconds of album opener, “Feed The Flames” is all you need to experience to fully grasp what you’re in store fore upon hitting play on Damned. It’s also telling of how the rest of the album is going to proceed.

The furious rhythms combine with a blend of traditional hardcore riffs, crust and a twinge of death metal (though to be fair it could just be the Swedish crust that gives off the DM vibe). Vocally, the lyrics are barked ferociously and gruffly — so much so that you can actually feel the spittle flying from your speakers. “On Your Knees… In Misery” is a prime example of the vehemence that these guys are letting fly. It’s a vicious and blistering track that’s a standout. The previously mentioned “Ride the Steel” is a departure from the rest of the album, building slowly to an adventurous and moody peak that’s unlike anything else on the album.

Other ferocious and intense songs that need to be heard include “Slaves of Induction” and the fiery “Where No One Sleeps” — a track that hits violently and quickly, so get ready. All in all, Damned is an outstanding example of Swedish d-beat with a heavy handed helping of crust thrown in for good measure. The songs are hard hitting and delivered with a good deal of hatred (towards who, I don’t know, but it’s there).