October 20, 2016 | , | 3.75

Mohicans, Mohicans

Mohicans: Mohicans

The self-titled debut from Mohicans, a quartet from San Francisco, is packed with infectious, metallic hardcore and an influential smattering from the likes of Mastadon, Black Flag and Doomriders. Sludgy and a bit on the ugly side, this five song EP delivers a good dose of vitriol with a dynamic, dimensional blend of punk, hardcore and noise.

As aggressive as each song is, the band also dips into post-rock explorations amongst the rumbling bass of Justin Shearer and destructive skin pounding of drummer David Sahlem. Chris Palomarez’s delivery is harsh and scathing yet, also has the ability to carve its way into your skull with a solid cadance that infects thoroughly. The crunchy guitar tone fits the overall vibe of Mohicans quite well, adding subtle melody to the vicious affair. “Eagle” gets everything off to a raucous, rolling start while the spiteful “Swan” brings in one hell of an addictive opening vocal pattern that will have you shouting along in no time.

“Road” has plenty of noisy, squelching guitars and pounding drums while Palomarez delivers another series of spit-fueled, yet catchy vocals. “Canyon” is a thunderous song and easily one of the better on an pretty damn solid EP. Down-tuned guitars and coated in a heavy layer of sludge and buzzing bees as the rhythm section carries you forward on rumbling bass and rolling drum work. The combination of “Bixbi” and “Trench” conclude the scathing affair with the harsh sound that we’ve quickly endeared ourselves to. Mohicans have introduced themselves — face-to-face, unflinching. We are ready for more.