August 16, 2011 | , | 4

Weekend Nachos, Worthless

In the mood for a solid ass kicking? No? Well, tough shit.

Weekend Nachos unleash a whole pile of ass whoopin’ powerviolence and grind in the form of Worthless, an album that is anything but. Fourteen tracks are hurled at you with reckless abandon in just over 25 minutes time. In that short period sludgy breakdowns, grind blasts and a hatred fueled vocal attack will bludgeon and bruise their way through your skull with little to no regard for your personal well being. And, in all honesty, isn’t that what extreme music is supposed to do? Leave a heavy fisted impression in the side of your cranium?

“Hometown Hero” opens up the back alley beat-down with a solid minute of unrelenting drums and bruising riffs. The multiple vocal attack that starts off with this track will leave you feeling surrounded and outnumbered throughout the album. There’s little diversity among the majority of the songs, but that makes them no less powerful. Each track is jammed with aggression and violent rhythms to accompany thick, sludgy guitars. The pummeling riffs of “Obituary,” the raucous gallop of “Black Earth,” the d-beat fueled “For Life” and the ADD freakout that encompasses “Old Friends Don’t Mean Shit” all build to a culmination with the title track.

“Worthless” is the first of the songs on the album to break from the burly riff and grinding blasts that have formed the first seven songs, but that’s primarily due to the guitar feedback that fills the first two minutes of of this 4:35 long song. Thankfully the last half of the song is full of gargantuan riffs and plenty of aggressive, yet doomy atmosphere. This is a slugfest of a song.

The second half of the album starts off with classic powerviolence in the form of “Friends,” a frenetically charged song that has a solid ebb and flow in it’s meager 33 second run time. The slower “Jock Powerviolence” has over-muscled , Limp Bizkit hat wearing douche bags in its line of sight as the band let loose with a verbal onslaught. “The Fine Art of Bullshit” is an awesome track with plenty of erupting blasts and sludgy breaks. “Future” wraps up the album with a slow moving, churning series of riffs that put anything from the likes of Black Breathe or other Entombed-revivalists to shame. Don’t get to comfy enjoying those initial riffs as the track is peppered with violent outbursts sure to incite a few riots.

All in all, Worthless is one of the more violent hardcore tinged albums I’ve heard this year. Weekend Nachos blend of sludge, d-beat, grind and powerviolence is addictive as all get out. The album may not be all that varied for the most part and just as you think it’s starting to sound the same, Weekend Nachos throw a haymaker from nowhere and you’re out cold for the count.