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Thy Flesh Consumed, Unrepentant

Thy Flesh Consumed: Unrepentant

Sweet mother of all things unholy! Nova Scotia’s Thy Flesh Consumed unleash some serious sonic destruction with their brand of blackened death metal. The band’s fourth studio album, Unrepentant, has a perfect title for the blasphemous sound it contains. There guys hurl bludgeoning death metal riffs, caustic vocals and more at you with little to no remorse.

Overall the album is full of death metal fueled, chunky riffing with plenty of crunch. The rhythms are pretty much full bore the whole time, but do let up here and there to keep from becoming overbearing. Vocally, the growls sit mostly within the mid-range, raspy growls, but do reach into the guttural depths from time to time, as well, as a few nicely timed shrieks.

All in all, there are a boat load of crappy death metal bands out there. Thy Flesh Consumed ain’t one of them. Buckle up and hit play cause these dudes mean serious, evil business.

Siege Engine Of Unreligion
“Siege Engine Of Unreligion” erupts right out of the gate with a massive wall of destruction complete with thundering drums, layered vocal mayhem and blackened guitars. Once the guys “settle” into the song, they really let loose with blasting drums, thick death fueled riffs and plenty of vocal aggression. The short tempo shifts are plenty to keep you fully at attention and ready for the next blast of bestial pandemonium.

The Disciplined Scorn
How do you match the ferocity of an opening track like that. It’s quite simple actually. You just amp up the vile evil a notch or tow with thick riffing and animalistic drums. The vocals so far on the album are straight from the depths of Hades for sure. I’m not sure if it’s a dual attack or if this is just one talented dude, but it’s impressive nonetheless. The lead around the two minute mark has a great blackened texture to it.

Blood Drenched Creation
The opening guitar work on this next song is evil in a league with Satan. And you better damn well be ready for the drums when they finally get into the act. This is a blasting, furious track that’s dripping with contempt. The vocals, which I’m convinced is a dual attack, are delivered and layered perfectly giving the song some tremendous depth and power. The eruption of blasting drums at 1:54 leads into layered vocals that swirl amongst chaos and blackness. This is an awesome freakin song.

The Demolition Of Thought
Man, it’s been a long while since I’ve heard an album with as much vile aggression and power as Thy Flesh Consumed have doomed the earth with. “The Demolition of Thought” is merely another step in the band’s conquest of all those you listen to their blasphemous brand of death metal. The vocals seem even deeper than the previous tracks (if that’s even possible). I love the blasting black metal trade off with the thick, rumbling bass leads. This song is full of hulking, blackened riffs and manic drum work.

Ordinance Subservience
This next song has a decidedly more bleak atmosphere and much more of a blackened feel to the drums as they blast furiously behind the wall of guitars and rabid, evil vocals. This song is like getting caught in the middle of a violent tornado that’s going apeshit on your hometown. I love the trade off between the higher end and deep guttural growls.

Devout Heathen
Finally, a bit of a respite from the onslaught. “Devout Heathen” builds up slowly over the first 30 seconds or so into a pretty decent clip with thick bass and rapid fire drum work. The guitars are chunky and unrelenting as the vocals come in after the one minute mark. Throughout this track you’ll be bombarded with evil growls and blasting rhythms. These dudes know how to lay down the hate. I’m digging the chugging riffs and deep gutturals around the 4:20 mark that eventually end the track.

Hasten The Apocalypse
Wow. I’m not sure I want to continue with the album after that last song. I’d rather end on a high not instead of… oh wait… this song shreds too! It’s not nearly as bruising as “Devout Heathen” but what it lacks in punch it more than makes up for in blackened, thrashing malevolence. This thing has the evil spread on thick. There is a nice slow down midway through the song that really does a nice job of breaking up the blasting nature of the band — it’s also got some decent groove. That said, it doesn’t last long as the guys unleash chaotic hell with layered vocals, manic drum and spastic guitars. Holy shit, I’m going to need to change my shorts.

Sacrilege And Clarity
“Sacrilege And Clarity” starts off with rapid fire drums and thick, distant riffing. I’m imagining that this song would be the soundtrack of every lost soul’s entrance through the gates of Hell. It’s just got that certain something which makes it that much more evil than the rest of the album.

Thralldom Of The Crowning Mania
The guys wrap up this stellar album with “Thralldom Of The Crowning Mania,” a track thats got some of the thickest riffs on the album. The vocals, while still as violent as ever, seem to fade in the distance a bit, but perhaps that’s due to mild hearing loss after cranking up the volume on that last song. Thy Flesh Consumed keep the vileness and blackened death metal flowing like the River Styx with this song. Man, these dudes are pissed.

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