August 22, 2005 | | 3

The Red Chord, Clients

Let’s start this off by saying that any attempt to top Fused Together in Revolving Doors is next to impossible. That album was received with such enthusiasm and acclaim that topping it would be a hard task to accomplish.

Clients is in no way as crazy as the first release, but it holds its own amongst the throng of shit that can be found out there today. It’s sound is devastating and full of plenty of intensity. What’s funny though, is that when compared to Fused this album just sounds so bland – which it in no way really is. Again, we make the argument that for a sophomore album from this band to have the ferocity and reception that their debut had would have been an incredible feat.

It went straight to hell

Guy Kozowyk’s vocal abilities could have only been achieved by selling his soul to the devil. The range and ability of this guy is incredible. We were witness to his ability on their debut, but I would say that he has gone far beyond that initial introduction in terms of his range. How can this be if the album is so bland, you say?

I don’t know honestly. There have been many great albums that have only been great due to the vocalist carrying the whole thing. This however is not one of those albums. There is nothing against the band at all here. Their technical riffs and power is more than impressive. I just felt that the band as a whole lacked the variety and uniqueness that was found on Fused.

That said, this is still a terrific album. It’s fun to listen to and keeps your attention throughout the entire length of the album. There is really nothing wrong with this album at all. The problem is, and I’m doing it right now, that their fans and the industry is comparing it to their first album. When a band has had that amount of acclaim and praise thrown upon their first album, and even if their second is just as great, it will never be as good as the debut. It’s the sad truth.

Enough blubbering. I loved this album. Go buy it. Now.

Favorite Tracks:
Lay the Tarp
Black Santa
Upper Decker