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The Perennial, The Disparagement of Indifference

Hailing from Northwestern Connecticut, this five piece lets loose with a six track volley of solid hardcore tinged death metal. While the album doesn’t necessarily push the envelope of the genre, The Perennial do attack with a fervor on The Disparagement of Indifference. Mixing a blend of tried and true death metal with melodic and hardcore inspired elements, the group definitely hits like a ton of bricks.

Dueling guitars (Adam Sahlin and Dave Woltman) trade between moshing riffs and melodic hooks delivering both catchy and pummeling moments throughout the disc. The rhythm section, comprised of bassist Matt Sottile and drummer Chris Barry, lay down a beefy series of beats and blast that compliment the driving riff work well. All of these elements provide an aggressive base for frontman Marco Corsino to spew forth growls and shouts that give the album that much more of a raw and violent edge.

My Discontent With Solids
The opening track is 28 seconds full of big screams, chugging riffs, noise and driving drums. This brief intro certainly helps set the mood for the rest of the EP.

“Carnivore” continues along with the driving riffs and pummeling rhythms that got the blood flowing with the previous intro. The layered vocals are aggressive, raw and contain an in-your-face confrontational edge to them. There’s a series of big screams that lead into a pummeling assault from all facets of the band around the 1:38 mark. There are some nicely distorted, melodic guitars just after the 2:20 mark that lead a furious ending to the song.

A spastic feel gets this next one off to an interesting start before rapid fire drums and catchy guitars come in quickly. I love the ferocity behind the vocals on this disc. There’s definitely some serious energy being spent in their delivery. Weighing in at over 5 minutes in length this one has plenty to offer from a nice slow down at the 2:30 mark that extends the song well, to some seriously bludgeoning riffs.

The Discordant Cachet
The title to this one is pretty damned appropriate as the guitars contained within certainly have a distorted and discordant feel. The overall slower, sludgier pace to “The Discordant Cachet” is nicely offset with a burst of activity at the one minute mark that has some staggered blasts from the drums and thick, down tuned riffs. The explosion just after the 2:40 mark is killer and would have you moshing at the viewing of a dead relative.

An Attraction To Excess
Melancholy tones and a slower pace start off “An Attraction To Excess” before thick riffs and growls come. There’s actually some decent groove to some of the heavier sections of this song. The vocals have a slight bit more melody to them even though they are still delivered through rough screams and barks. Holy hell… the breakdown at the 3:20 mark is huge.

The final track on the EP starts off a 30 second stretch of quiet before thick riffs and atmospherics come in. The three minute and then some long instrumental has some interesting moments tied in with plenty of keyboards and atmospheric elements. It’s a nice way to close out the disc.

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It’s always nice to be able to throw in a disc (especially one self released as The Disparagement of Indifference) and just be able to rock the fuck out. The four primary tracks on this EP are full of power, vehemence and energy. Throw on an intro and outro and you’ve got yourself the recipe to a pretty damned good release.

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