October 17, 2005 | | 3

The Black Dahlia Murder, Miasma

Unhallowed was an exciting album to listen to. The speed and ferocity of the album just made for a great experience. The Black Dahlia Murder‘s latest release is just as driving and dark—and that’s a good thing.

For all the hype that built up around the band after their deput record, Miasma isn’t so much as a let down, as it is a missed opportunity for the band to really cement their name in the annels of metal histroy. Their debut received a good amount of praise and much was expected of their sophomore release. This is not a poor record by any means. It’s well played, well produced, and the band continues along the same lines as Unhallowed (with the addition of more structured solos and mid tempoed portions). They just fall short with regard to building upon the base of the last album.

I think that’s the only disappointing aspect to this album. They could have done much more with the progression of their song writing. That said, most fans of the band’s previous release, and black metal in general, should enjoy this one thoroughly. Hopefully, the band can turn it up a notch or two on their next release.

Favorite Tracks:
I’m Charming
A Vulgar Picture
Dave Goes to Hollywood

Additional Notes: