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Ramming Speed, Brainwreck

Ramming Speed: Brainwreck

Originally formed in 2005 as Despotic Robot, this small band of maniacs from Massachusetts have finally gotten around to unleashing their first full length album and it’s a ripper. Combining retro thrash with a snarling punk element, Ramming Speed deliver 13 songs packed full with aggression, speed and hellified mayhem.

Brainwreck isn’t going to win any awards or be crowned the new messiah of old school thrash, but what it will do is kick you in your ear hole with enough vehemence to make you like it and come back for more. There is and old school aesthetic to the band’s sound (mostly in the production), but there’s also a modern twist to the overall vibe of the album. I think it’s the hardcore and punk attitude that’s spitting at you throughout each and every song. Hell, there’s even a bit of a grind influence thrown in for good measure.

Speed Trials
“Speed Trials” gets us off to a rabid start with driving, punk tinged guitars, pummeling drums and the raspy shouts that dominate the vocal delivery (although a deeper more guttural growl shows up here and there). If there’s one thing I’ve found through listening to this album repeatedly the past couple of days — I mean beside the Slayer influence the peeks in here and there — is that this fucker needs to be played loud. Real loud.

The Threat…
A more spastic opening few seconds introduces us to the next song. It’s a violent, aggressive song with plenty of raw, unbridled, in you face attitude. We also see the more guttural vocals for the first time on this song. The lead at 1:03 is pretty darn good.

Lazer Assault
I love the opening guitar work and animalistic drums that gets this next song going. It’s evil and speedy — a great combination in my book. More deep vocals make an appearance in here as well as some group shouts that once you figure out how to keep up with the band are nice enough to shout along with.

All In All
There’s a bit of a beefier feel and thicker sound to this one as the guys bludgeon their way through chugging riffs and steady drum work. I’m digging the vocal work throughout the album. You can tell dude isn’t holding back in putting as much in his shouts and snarls as he can.

Shane Embury Is The Brad Pitt Of Grindcore
Besides having the best song title on the album, this one will also beat the fuck out of you with a more aggressive grind feel. The deep, guttural vocals certainly don’t hurt either. This is a wild track.

Bogus Facade
A slick bit of riffing gets “Bodus Facade” off to a sweet start with steady drum work and a more mid-range shout. This is just one of those songs that is just too much damned fun to listen to. It’s speedy, aggressive and neck-snapping awesomeness. There’s plenty of opportunity for you to shout along with the band on this one.

Sound The Alarm
Mmmmm… reverb. The start of this next one certainly sounds like alarms going off — which really isn’t helping my hangover any. The guitars on this song are huge as they build to the chugging riffs that the band eventually settle into for this mostly instrumental track. The lead that dominates the middle of the song is hellified good just before the guys let loose with everything they have in a blinding whirlwind of riffs and drums.

Immigrant Song
Nope, this certainly isn’t a cover of the classic by Led Zeppelin. In fact, it’s something so far removed from the original, but goddamned if it doesn’t punch you in the balls repeatedly with driving riffs, grinding drums and gnarly layered vocals. This is a violent ride for sure.

Political Party
“Political Party” fades in quickly after the end of the previous track with punk tinged riffs and barbaric drum work. This is pretty much straightforward in both terms of the lyrics and the means with which the band deliver their message.

Man vs. Machine
Big drums and reverb get this next one off to another rabid start as the drums erupt into a frenzied pace. Violent, aggressive thrash through and through, “Man vs. Machine” will beat you bloody and wanting more. There are also some nice gang vocals before the lead at 1:28.

Arrested Development
The overall tone to the guitars on this besides their furious delivery is a bit darker. This one hits the accelerator hard and never lets up as the guys plunder your ears with caustic riffs, pile driving drums and aggressive vocals. I love the hell out of this song.

A Modern Myth
“A Modern Myth” starts off with a classic bit of punk drum work before the guys get into their burly thrash groove as the vocals come in. This is a beefy song that will leave you winded and unsure if you can take the final song.

Heavy Metal Thunder
I’m pretty sure that this is a Saxon cover, but I didn’t notice anything in the press release that came with the disc. It’s definitely an old school song.

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