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Phobia, Unrelenting

Phobia: Unrelenting

What can I say about Phobia that hasn’t already been said before? These SoCal grinding bastards have aptly named their latest EP, Unrelenting, that’s for sure. Clocking 17 tracks in under 14 and a half minutes, this blasting foray into d-beat fueled grind is what we’ve all come to expect from these guys — anger, rage and consistency.

Phobia has never been one of those bands that’s tried to out due what they know or what they may have done in the past. They’re the type of band that play what they want, how they want and as violently quick as they want. Unrelenting is no different as the guys swarm your skull with buzzing riffs, maniacal rhythms and barking/shrieking vocals that are sure to rupture an ear drum or two in the process.

Most of the material on this disc sits just under the two minute range, but the band is sure to pepper in some sub-one minute blasts of mayhem and fury for good measure. This EP flies by so quickly and succinctly that you’ll be hitting the “play” button over and over again to catch every bursting nuance the band has to offer.

As for the individual songs, I’d recommend skipping over the opening instrumental “T.R.O.G.” after the first listen. It’s 45 seconds that just get in my way on subsequent playings of this disc. “Rehashed,” “Sign of the Times,” and “Life’s Animosity” are some of the more fleshed out tracks that rage like nobody’s business. For the more ADD afflicted of you out there, check out “You Get No Remorse,” “Out of Control,” “Mental State,” and “Total Kollapse” — short, blasting and full of vehemence, they’re just what the grind doctor ordered.

So there you have it. Phobia continue their assault on world in the only way they know how — with unrelenting, buzzing grind-core delivered at a skull splintering pace.