October 20, 2015 | , , | 3.5

Nunslaughter / Perversor, split

Nunslaughter / Perversor: split

Those heathen bastards of Nunslaughter are back again with another split release. This four song beast was first released by in late 2014 with Perversor on the B-side. And while the Chilean group certainly deliver a dense, powerful pair of tracks, it’s really the aforementioned blasphemers this particular reviewer is more interested in.

Nunslaughter start of the split EP with “Bless the Dead” and it’s heretical business as usual. The song has a vicious gallop that stampedes with driving, filthy riffage and snarling vocals. The track does slow towards the end before malevolent screams introduce barbaric drumming to open up “Impure Thoughts.” There’s a good bit of groove flowing like coagulating blood on this second offering from the troupe.

While Nunslaughter’s half of the EP is loose and airy, Perversor deliver a dense, aural bombardment. “Old Temple of Death” is a violent, blasting track with manic drum work and demonic vocal utterances. The song rarely lets up off or your throat with booted fury. “Venomous Madness” couldn’t be any better names — it’s a swirling, galloping song with plenty of vitriol and mayhem.

As far as split EPs go, you can’t go wrong with one that incorporates new material from either band. Nunslaughter stay true to their style and message while Perversor offer a little South American anti-everything.