August 22, 2005 | | 4

Napalm Death, The Code is Red... Long Live the Code

I have always been a fan of Napalm Death. I consider Utopia Banished one of my all time favorite albums. The first time I had heard Scum I had no idea if I was even listening to music, but I loved it. It was fast, loud, and short and to the point. What more could a burgeoning metal head want?

Their latest release is much different than the stuff I grew up on, but it’s still vintage Napalm Death. Most of the tracks are in the two minute and then some range with a few straying in at over the four minute mark. The release is still the grind that the band is known for, but also incorporates some of the slower stuff found on later releases. I suppose “slower” is a relative term in this case, but you get the point.

You’ve been sold short

There are a couple of guest spots on three of the tracks that I think only one fits in. Jamie Jasta of Hatebreed sounds off on a couple of the tracks. His vocals are relegated to the chorus of each track and I’m not sure that his presence is really all that needed, as each of those tracks would be pretty strong even without his sound. Jello Biafra shows up on the third guest spot and his shrill vocals are an interesting touch on the track. I’m not a fan of his style, but it adds a different element on the track, which can’t help but make it unique to the entire album.

Without a doubt, this is definitely worth any Napalm Death fan picking up. I’ve already lost track of the number of times it’s destroyed my speakers.

Favorite Tracks:
Right You Are
The Code is Red… Long Live the Code
Vegetative State

Additional Notes:
Enhanced CD with video for “Morale”