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Machetazo, Mundo Cripta

Machetazo: Mundo Cripta

If Spain’s brutal death metal scene is anywhere on par with what Machetazo deliver on their latest album, then I’m going to have to pilfer the kid’s college fund and catch a flight overseas. The grinding death metal on this album is more than any fan of underground metal could ever hope or dream of getting their hands on.

These dude lay down some seriously bludgeoning old school death grind with the ferocity of a rabid pit bull attack. The guitars are thick and violent with enough distortion to leave you twitching in a pool of your own filth. The vocals are guttural and frightening — even more so that it’s in a language I know nothing about. Backing it all up is a homicidal maniac on drums, bashing the living hell out of the kit like it was a sedated victim.

The fifteen tracks on Mundo Cripta will have you pulverizing your neighbor in his own wood chipper, reveling in the sticky sprain of human intestine and other bits. Now, where are my safety goggles.

Mundo Cripta starts out with some thunder and a sound clip for the first 20 seconds of “Exorcismo” before big riffs and thundering drums get the juices flowing. The band’s sound is thick and bruising. There are a series of layered screams and growls while evil guitars stalk in the background. Once the vocals truly come in after the two minute mark the band is in full attack mode with barbaric drums and slamming guitars. Even through the distortion there’s plenty of groove to get caught up in.

Muerte Helada
After that awesome opening song, Machetazo come back with this grinding death metal affair. The vocals are just as unrelenting as the manic rhythm. This one certainly has an old school feel in the riffing. Man, the varied vocal attack on this song just oozes vialness and merciless destruction.

Alucinaciones Blasfemas
After the brief sound effects, this next one gets underway with some classic death metal riffing and animalistic drumming. The vocals again are raw and guttural. There are a few effects thrown onto the vocals that add a cheesy, yet undeniably classic feel. Man this one is like a non stop slash and dash of a chainsaw wielding mad man. And like that, it ends.

Mortífero Ente Demoníaco
Massive riffs and thundering drums keep the aortal blood pumping like a geyser from a slashed neck before the band settles into utter frenzied chaos of bashing drums and driving guitars. I’m digging the varied vocal delivery on this one — spastic higher end screams mixed with guttural gurgles.

Atormentado por Bestias Resucitadas
A sound clip fills the first 46 seconds of this next song as Machetazo explode into a groove fueled chugging pace. There are several bursts of frenzied blasts peppering this song. At just under three minutes in running time, it’s one of the longer songs on the album

Altares de lo Macabro
I love the start to this next one — well after the sound effect bit. Super groove and crushing riffs that are catchier than a skull full of fly larvae. Once the indecipherable growls come in we’re in full grind mode. This is one of the sicker tracks on the album and quite possibly my favorite.

El Wendigo
It’s going to be tough to top that last song. Let’s see what these Spanish sickos have in store for us. Blasting drums and driving riffs get the blood flowing immediately with more of a thrash feel. The vocals are evil and caustic, varying from mid ranged shouts to guttural regurgitations. Man, for grinding death metal, these dudes really now how to capture a groove.

Estigma Licántropo
A series of howling wolves open up this next one and based on the title it’s all about Werewolves. Sweet. Based on the thick, guttural vocals and oppressively massive riffing this one must be all about being eaten alive by the beasts. This is one hell of a violent track and doesn’t let up until your skull has been caved in appropriately.

Descenso al Sótano de la Morbosidad
The opening guitars on this one are simply badass. After the initial series of massive riffs, a sneaking bit of bass work comes in as an introduction to pummeling death metal that has a surprisingly sweet rock vibe to it. The band quickly descends in to madness for a bit just after the one minute mark but reemerges to the groove filled guitars and drums.

Éxtasis Nauseabundo
An angry bit of yelling gets this next one off to a violent and aggressive start. If this one ain’t old school, I don’t know what is. What sounds like a dual vocal attack leads the way as pummeling riffs and barbaric drums lay waste to your eardrums with reckless abandon. I freakin’ love it!

Delirio en el Pozo de Excrementos
The melodious sounds of intestinal secretions leads into some seriously brutal death metal. The echoed vocals only add to the crushing riffs and manic drums. Forget what I said about a previous track being my favorite — this one just captured that crown. You know what? Fuck it. The whole album is chock full of crushingly awesome death metal. I’ll take it all.

Totem (de restos humanos)
The opening bass work on this one only proves to lull you into a false sense of security as thick riffs and steady drum work come in with guttural vocals. The mid-tempo pace of this one is a nice respite from the constant aural barrage.

Fiebres de la Peste
“Fiebres de la Peste” starts off with some ambient noise to set the mood (like that’s needed at this point in the album) before evil as hell riffs eviscerate flesh and bone. Man, these dudes have some serious chops. I’m sort of pissed I haven’t heard of them before now.

Tu Piel Se Pudre y Cae
A big growl get this one underway with evil guitars and jackhammer to the spine drumming. You’ve got to love the aggressive and violent nature to each song on this disc.

Los Cuentos del Muñón Gangrenoso V (Credo In Extremis)
The final song on the album is several minutes packed up your colon with plenty of guitar noise, shouting and distortion. What better way to end a violent album than with a touch of chaotic nonesense.

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I don’t think a summary is needed for this album. Just go buy the damned thing.

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