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Lifeless, Godconstruct

Lifeless: Godconstruct

Say what now? Germany!? You’re bullshitting me. Really?

And so went the brief, mental conversation I had with myself upon reading the press sheet associated with Lifeless’s sophomore album, Godconstruct. I had already hit play on the promo and was caught up in the cold groove of the title track when I realized that this band was, in fact, not from any Scandinavian country. Nor was it the early 90s when the likes of Grave, Entombed and Dismember were shredding my ear canals with buzzing riffs.

The fact that these German dudes were able to not only capture the sound, but the actual feel of the music I grew up with is a testament to the ubiquity of old school Swedish death metal. It’s like a grand virus on a global scale, infecting millions of like-minded heathens and outcasts. I love it! That said, there’s really nothing new under the sun with the twelve songs on the band’s first release in five years, but when all is said and done, it really doesn’t make a difference. Lifeless can play some seriously infectious death metal that has a sound near and dear to my own blackened heart, as well as plenty of melodic groove.

After a brief intro, the title track gets things rolling with huge riffs reminiscent of early Grave or Dismember and a seething, slithering melody that winds its way through the buzzing guitars. Talk about one hell of an introduction. Throw in a stack full of pile-driving drums and guttural growls and you have yourself some seriously catchy death metal that also leaves a solid boot print in the middle of your chest. The great thing about this album is that it isn’t simply a re-hashing of older bands’ material, but instead a smooth infusion of influences into a modern take on the style.

Tempo shifts and solid musicianship keep the flow churning along nicely and the listener fully engaged while the blasting inferno of “Towards Damnation” is surely more than enough to awake even the coldest corpse from it’s tomb. The song is big and brutal. “Blood of the Gods” has a chorus that is head-bangingly addictive, as well. “The Truth Concealed” showcases some excellent melodies and lead guitar work that is pretty damn impressive and consistent throughout the album before the guys delve head first into steam-rolling drums.

The opening, bruising riffs of “Seething with Rage” is familiar and comforting as the guys build with a solid lead to a head banging groove fully worthy of the pain your neck will feel when the album has run its course. “Blindead” and “Perdition of the Whore” wrap up the album admirably as Lifeless pummel their way through catchy riffs and neck-snapping rhythms. As a whole, Godconstruct is pretty damned impressive. It’s infectious, well played death metal that may not be wholly original, but I’ll be damned if it’s not worth your time to check out anyways. These guys, backed by a solid production, sound great and have delivered an album that I just can’t seem to shake.