February 5, 2009 | | 4.5

Kreator, Hordes of Chaos

Releasing their first album since 2003’s Enemy of God, the German thrash monolith that is Kreator return to the top of the thrash pillar with Hordes of Chaos. For 30 plus minutes, you’ll be bombarded with machine dun like double bass, shredding riffs, catchy melodies and virtuoso leads that could put the group’s latest album in several “best of” lists at the end of the year — and it’s only January.

Immediately from the opening lick on the title track you know what’s in store through the rest of the disc. Anthem like rallying shouts from lead vocalist Mille Petrozza will have you pumping your fist in the air and snapping neck tendons on what are likely to become instant Kreator classics. Driving riffs combine with melodic leads and pummeling rhythms to lay the foundation for some of the best material these guys have produced in some time.

Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)
The opening guitar work for the title track is an instant classic and sets the mood perfectly for the first 40 seconds or so before thrashing riffs and pile driving drums come in with the gruff vocal delivery. The catchy chorus slows a bit to allow you to catch up and sing along before the band dives into the thresh melee over and over to leave you dizzy and breathless. I love the “breakdown” at 2:50 with heavier riffs and beefy drums.

“Warcurse” starts off with drums that sound like the hooves of the riders of the Apocalypse — seriously. Driving riffs and the gruff vocals come in around the 30 second mark as the chugging rhythm keeps pummeling away relentlessly. Subtle melodic elements work their way into the chorus.

Some decent guitar work and creative drums start this next track off before a huge scream and chugging rhythms kick them aside. I love the vocal delivery on this one. It’s a bit more aggressive and raw. Overall, the song has a bit more oomph to it with slick leads and galloping drums. The guitar work at 2:30 is sick as hell and leads into some seriously monstrous riffs.

Amok Run
“Amok Run” starts off with light guitar plucking and softly sung vocals for the first 50 seconds before Petrozza ramps up the scream a good deal. The pace remains slow, but is heavier and much darker for a bit before opening up with some brighter guitar tones and a healthy does of double base. The song shifts dramatically at 1:50 with pummeling rhythms and driving guitars.

Destroy What Destroys You
Massive drums get this next one going as the riffs shift into a nice chugging groove. The mid-tempo pace is perfect for slamming your head around like it’s on a swivel. The track has an overall thicker sound, as well. The chorus serves as a call t arms to “destroy what destroys you.” The lead at 2:44 is flesh searingly awesome!!

Radical Resistance
Kreator waste no time getting down to business with this next song. The pace starts chugging along immediately as Petrozza’s vocals are delivered quickly and with urgency. The chorus slows things down a bit, but not too much. Don’t miss the short lead at the one minute mark.

Absolute Misanthropy
“Absolute Misanthropy” starts off slowly with some well place drum hits behind some decent guitar work. The band shift into a whirling bit of dark riffs and thick rhythms before the pace is picked up to a jackhammer pace as the vocals come in. This is a bruising track that rarely lets up, but when it does, be prepared for some sick leads (see the 1:40 mark).

To the Afterborn
A dark, slowly building bit of guitar starts this next one off. It’s definitely much darker than the previous tracks with an apocalyptic edge to it. A decent scream and bright guitar work comes in briefly before the band settle back into a groove with subtle, yet dark melodies. The chorus is pretty decent with a more cleanly sung vocal delivery (but still gruff) and melodic guitars. The double bass in the background is a nice touch especially during the chorus.

Corpses of Liberty
“Corpses of Liberty” is a 55 second acoustic interlude before the final track.

Demon Prince
The final song onHordes of Chaos starts off with epic riffing for a bit before settling into a mid-tempo groove. The pace shifts into hyper drive at :48 with pummeling drum work and demonic riffing. The chorus is pretty sweet with layered vocals and anthemic guitars. There’s a killer lead at 1:58 that’s pretty damned searing.

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Hordes of Chaos will roll through you like an unstoppable juggernaut hell bent on global destruction. Melodic elements mix with pile driving rhythms and Petrozza’s raw vocals to deliver a frenzy of classic thrash mayhem. This is definitely a must have for any metal head.

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