December 10, 2010 | , | 4.25

Kill the Client, Set for Extinction

Kill the Client: Set for Extinction

Man, Texas-based Kill the Client don’t fuck around, do they?

The band’s latest full-length (their third overall) is just about as straight-forward as you can get in grind-core. Set for Extinction pulls no punches, adds no filler and delivers the goods as quickly and as violently as possible.

Throughout the disc, this four piece combine elements of death metal and punk into their unrelenting grind attack which packs some solid depth and is as raw as fresh road rash. On any give track you’ll here evidence of Napalm Death, Total Fucking Destruction and Brutal Truth hammering each other over the head with as many blunt instruments as possible. Ranging from short, frenetic blasts of terrorizing mayhem to the slightly lengthier (two minutes in length) sludgy dirges, Set for Extinction is a no holds barred sucker punch to the balls.

While I enjoy the “slower” portions of the album where the band injects a little southern groove ala Eyehategod, the guys are definitely at their best and most aggressive when they let it all hang out and dive head first into their frenzied art with reckless abandon. There are just too many damn good songs on this quickly delivered disc (19 songs in just over 26 minutes time) to only pick out a few, but I will say that “Pandemic,” “Postmortem Exoneration,” “Death of Reality,” and “The Walking Dead” are a few that really caught my attention.

Just go get the damned album already.

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