Kerasphorus, Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn

Kerasphorus: Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn

Boasting the past resumes of vocalist/bassist Pete Helmkamp (Anglecorpse, Order From Chaos and more) and session drummer J. Read (Axis of Advance and more), Kerasphorus represents a new blight of black metal upon the American heartlands. The duos latest project is a ferocious, malignant beast that’s set to rend and tear at the souls of any of those brave enough to listen. Spanning four songs in just under 20 minutes time, Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn couldn’t have been any better tittled.

The music that this EP tries its best to contain is violent, aggressive and down right nasty. Blasting rhythms are only matched by blistering riffing, combining of a suffocating shroud of Satanic blackness. Helmkamp’s vocals ooze with vileness and vitriol as he screams and shrieks his way through each verse. Together the elements of this disc are powerful and destructive, serving as one hell of an introduction to the band.

The Abyssal Sanhedrin
“The Abyssal Sanhedrin” gets the EP off to a dark and desolate start with an opening that builds from distant guitars to memorable riffing and thundering drums that can only be a sure sign of the impending, galloping Holocaust. This song is just raw, unsettling and frantic in its delivery. Rapid fire drumming dominates the EP from the get go as Helmkamp does his best to render himself mute with some of the more hellish screams I’ve heard in a while.

Aesoth Paradigm
This next track doesn’t let up off the gas pedal as Kerasphorus dive head first into the fiery pits of oblivion with “Aesoth Paradigm.” Man, these dues are unleashing all sorts of mayhem with some sersiously blistering blackened death metal like no other. Each track is as unrelenting as the first, making these four songs seem so much shorter.

Disturb the Furthest Stars
God damn, these guys don’t let up. “Disturb the Furthest Stars” will certainly do just that — blast this fucker as loud as you can and you’ll be disturbing the minds of the lame and weak within earshot. This song is even more blasphemous and dark than the previous songs (if that’s even possible). There’s so much off-kilter, discordant tones and accents going on within each song it takes a few listens to fully grasp what’s going on, at which point you’re probably a drooling, vapid husk of a human due to the beating this EP is delivering.

Swarm Intelligentsia
All I’ve got to say is Hemlkamp can deliver the hate with the best of them. His vocal work is intense to say the least. “Swarm Intelligentsia” is a power packed song full of swirling riffs and devastating drum work. Wow, this is a hell of a disc. Find it. Steal it. Do anything you need to to get your hands on it.

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