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Intronaut, The Challenger

After completely erupting onto the scene with their full length debut in 2006, Intronaut are back with what is essentially a three song EP that also happens to contain a few live recordings and a remix of one of their previously released songs. Focusing on the three new tracks, it’s easy to see how they’ve been able to build a huge reputation in such a short time.

Intense guitar work, combined with technical drumming and gruff vocals (often layered) make for one hell of an aural ride. When the riffing hits, it crushes like a ton of cement to the head. The band also showcases their ability to pull away from the heaviness for well structured and dynamic interludes of musicianship.

The live tracks act as proof of the band’s frantic and powerful live performances. It’s a short tease for those of you itching to see them live on a future tour. As far as the remix goes, it’s a much dirtier interpretation of the song and is quite interesting in its own right.

The Challenger
The title track starts off with some powerful drumming and large riffs. Once Intronaut pick up the pace the technical groove gets flowing. This is the most technical and aggressive of the new tracks, complete with creative drum work, interesting guitar highlights and guttural vocals. There’s a nice pseudo-breakdown at about the 2:15 mark.

Whittler Of Fortune
Light guitar work starts off “Whittler Of Fortune.” After the pace is picked up a bit, the band erupts with some big riffs and guttural growls. There’s is an underlying melody that can be found throughout this track, as they shift from brutal, technical metal to creative and more ambient pieces. Don’t forget the crunchy bass that rears it’s head from time to time, as well.

Deep Architecture
The last new track has a much more ambient, instrumental feel to it. It starts off with busy, but light drums and creative guitar work. That doesn’t last long as the band shifts again to a more raw, riff fueled path of destruction as the vocals kick in. The track ends strong.

The rest of the nine tracks are the live tracks and single remixed track. Check them out for a decent live experience and a little something different.

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Overall, the three new tracks from Intronaut carry over elements of what the band has done in the past, but are much less aggressive in their delivery. It’s not a bad pick up if you’re a big fan of the band, especially if you want some live material to mosh to at home.

Favorite Tracks:
All of the new tracks.

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