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Insect Warfare, World Extermination

Just as the cover art of World Extermination brings to mind the early years of frenetic grindcore, the music found within the 22 tracks on Insect Warfare’s latest release is a no-frills assault on every bodily sense. There’s an old school feel to this one, but it has plenty of modern twists to keep it from sounding dated and a relic of the genre’s origins. Insect Warfare let loose with an all out barrage of grinding destruction in under 20 minutes.

Caustic, noisy guitars courtesy of Beau shred through Napalm Death inspired riffage, leaving a trail of devastation behind. His unrelenting, crusty guitar work leaves a dingy texture over the entire album. Add to Beau’s riffs and squalls the pummeling rhythms of Dobber on drums. Violent, teeth rattling blasts are shoved into every nook and cranny of this disc, but have no fear, there’s much more to the drum work than mindless double bass. Dobber, despite the aggressive nature of this disc, provides grooves and tempo changes that’ll keep the most discerning metal fan entertained.

Front man Rahi employs an indecipherable, guttural delivery of growls and barks that gives the World Extermination that much more of an evil feel. Spitting vehemence toward fakes, internet detractors and the world in general, Rahi combines his deep growls with higher pitched screams as a means to break up his delivery and keep the listener on their toes.

Oxygen Corrosion
The opening track starts off with welcoming discordant guitar squeals and noise before erupting at the :26 mark with grinding riffs, skull shattering drums and a deep guttural delivery. The track is over and onto the next before you even know what happened.

Self Termination
“Self Termination” has a great groove to is as it careens through a minute and 25 seconds like a madman behind the wheel of a semi truck. Rahi adds another dimension to his vocal attack with higher pitched screams.

Enslaved By Machinery
This is one hell of a throw back track to the early Napalm Death days. I love “Enslaved by Machinery.” It’s aggressive, groove oriented and pummeling.

Groove oriented drum work with catchy, yet destructive riffs fuel this next track as Rahi screams his ass off. Again, another grinding assault on the senses is over before you can pick up your severed ear off the floor.

Zone Killer
“Zone Killer” is 21 seconds of brutal grindcore with a Napalm Death inspired riff as the primary means of attack. I love the level of noise that accompanies each song thus far.

Tempo shifts galore greet the listener within the short confines of “Decontamination.” There’s a great riff just before the one minute mark that shows that these guys are much more capable musicians than just blindly bludgeoning the listener with grinding noise.

Street Sweeper
Mmmm… 14 seconds of chaos. Gotta love it.

Dead Inside
“Dead Inside” is a driving bit of grind work complete with punk influenced riffing and crushing drum work. It ends with a huge scream from Rahi.

Human Trafficking
This one has a more chaotic feel if that’s even possible. There are crazy explosions from the drums accompanied with noise filled, causitc guitar work. And through it all there is a great groove.

“Hydraphobia” is a slowly churning mass of grinding riffs and random bursts from the drums before all elements of the band erupt at the :46 mark. From then on, hold onto your ass.

Mind Ripper
More Napalm Death inspired goodness awaits you with “Mind Ripper.” I hope you’ve stretched out your neck because you are going to do some serious head banging starting at the :50 mark. I’m pretty sure I shattered a vertebra on that series.

Armored Virus
Big, crushing riffs get this one going before the band devolves into a mass of grinding chaos. There are plenty of tempo changes in here to keep you on your toes.

Mass Communication Mindfuck
Rahi sticks with his higher vocal delivery through the majority of this one as the rest of the dudes do their damnedest to rupture ears and split skulls.

Nuclear Deterrence
One evil riff gets us going with this sure-to-be classic track. It’s violent, agitated grindcore at its best.

Had enough yet? I hope not, as Insect Warfare tear though another 1 minute track at full throttle. Rapid guitar shifts and maniacal drumming match one another for grinding fun.

Necessary Death
Creative drumming gets this one going as Dobber’s kit catches fire on more than one occasion on this track.

Protection Maze
Man, there are just too many damned good tracks on this album, each with a little something extra than the one before it.

After listening to this much violent grind in such a short time span, you’re sure to feel lobotomized as well. Rahi hits hard with some of his deepest vocals yet as the band ricochets off one another in just over a minute’s time.

Internet Era Alienation
Noise and chaos accompany this one as Rahi vents on Internet assholes across the world.

Evolved Into Obliteration
The final track will definitely leave you obliterated — and your speakers as well. It’s got huge riffs, rapid fire drums, guttural vocals and plenty of aggression.

~ ~ ~

Man, talk about one wild ride through a blender. Insect Warfare have produced one hell of an album that marries old school influences and work ethic with modern production and lyrical themes. This is a must have for any fan of grind or fast, aggressive and loud metal. Get it.

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