December 18, 2007 | , | 3.5

Infected Malignity, Re:bel

Hailing from the land of the rising sun, this Japanese quartet are dead set on keeping that sun from ever rising again. Infected Malignity, a relative newcomer on the death metal scene, let loose with a melodic, yet grind influenced blend of brutal death metal that is a bit of a shift from their earlier work that was steeped in the deep end of the brutal death pool.

Their take on death metal sees many creative additions including melodic undertones, quick tempo shifts, varied vocals that range from deep guttural growls to mid-range screams and shouts. The song writing on this EP is quite mature for a band with only one full length release under their belt.

Waltz of Rebellion
The opening track is a slow building instrumental that takes the listener in a direction that the band ultimately shifts from on the following songs. This one reminds me of some of the recent work that Between The Buried And Me has been doing. There are nice melodic elements on this track that contrast sharply with the other material on this short disc.

Fictitious Follower (And Conceit Man)
After the build up with “Waltz of Rebellion”, Infected Malignity quickly shift into the chaotic, grinding and destructive “Fictitious Follower.” Creative guitar work punctuate this one as rapid fire drums keep the listener on their toes constantly. Vocally, this one has the feel of deathcore similar to Animosity’s material. It’s guttural at times then shifts to hardcore-like shouts then back to growls with plenty of backing vocals to layer in. This is definitely one violent song.

Clear Sky Depicted by Wicked Artist
The shortest track on the album ironically has the longest title. It’s just under two minutes of grinding death metal highlighted by rapidly shifting riffs and Kouhei Watanabe’s varied vocal delivery.

“Inequality/Fancy” continues the theme of creative guitar work and relentless drum work as the band shreds through their material like a rusty chainsaw to the face. There are elements of melodic guitar worked into this churning mass of metal that really makes it something unique. This is probably my favorite track on this EP. It’s violent, creative and entertaining as hell.

“S.N.D” starts off slowly with light played guitar work before erupting violently through the speakers with grinding drums, massive riffing and chaotic feel. It’s got a nice underlying groove once the guys settle into a flow. So far Infected Malignity has been very impressive.

This final track is the longest at over 5:40 in length and features pummeling drums and sick riffing from the start. This one has a more deathcore feel to it with quick tempo shifts, guttural vocals and slick leads. Hell, the band even lets loose with a breakdown of sorts at the two minute mark. It’s definitely a strong finish to this release.

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After only a handful of split releases and one full length, Infected Malignity have a mature sound on this latest EP that one would only expect from a long time veteran of the genre. There’s a great death metal base that the band builds off of with melodic elements as well as violent grinding bursts. It’s an interesting mix that makes this a surprisingly enjoyable release.

Favorite Tracks:
Fictitious Follower (And Conceit Man)

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