April 20, 2006 | | 3.5

In Flames, Come Clarity

Although I got into this band a little late, I still found myself really enjoying Reroute to Remain. It was my first introduction to the band, and my last — I skipped on purchasing Soundtrack To Your Escape after reading more than a few negative reviews. For some reason, I decided to give the band a second chance by picking up their latest effort in the store a few weeks back.

I have since listened to some of their older material, prior to Reroute, and I can see a shift on Come Clarity back to the early days in terms of the bands sound. I wouldn’t call it a complete regression to the older sound, but it certainly is a good deal darker and more aggressive than what I have heard from Soundtrack. The melody is still there, the cleanly sung choruses are still there, and there are still a few post production effects thrown in, but they are much better integrated into the overall sound of the album. Come Clarity has a great flow and momentum through from start to finish that makes this album one hell of a listen.

Take This Life The band starts off strong with what is easily one of my favorite tracks on the album. A much darker and quicker riff gets the adrenaline flowing quickly. The thrash is quick as the vocals kick in, shifting to the chorus with a grooving mid-tempo beat. This one has one hell of a catchy chorus that is sure to stay with you long after the song is done.

Leeches The second keeps the momentum going with a mid paced beat and screeching vocals. It’s the shortest track on the album, coming in at just under 3 minutes. This one’s a bit slower and brighter in sound than the intro, but no less exciting.

Reflect The Storm A clean riff and bass line transition to the more melodic riffs that the band is known for. Another catchy chorus tears through the speakers with a combination of screams and cleanly sung lyrics. There is plenty of emotion in this one.

Dead End Quick drums and memorable riff start this one off as guest vocalist Lisa Miskovsky adds a new layer to the bands sound. Her clean vocals contrast nicely with Anders Fridén’s delivery.

Scream I love the opening to this one. A great riff leads into driving blasts from the drums and the vocals. The chorus is some what cheesy, but that’s what makes this one so fun.

Come Clarity The title track starts of with a slowed pace a vocal delivery that sounds a bit distant. It’s not quite acoustic, but pretty damned close before the chorus kicks in.

Vacuum We’re back to the thrash after the short and some-what dramatic break of “Come Clarity.” Fridén stretches his range a bit, hitting low growls and higher tortured screams.

Pacing Death’s Trail The music fades before picking back up with a nice groove on “Pacing Death’s Trail.” The chorus on this one is not as cleanly sung as the past tracks so it’s got a bit of a different feel. I like it.

Crawl Through Knives This one starts off with a soaring riff before the rest of the band catches up. This one contains another catchy chorus that is quite memorable.

Versus Terminus “Versus Terminus” keeps the momentum moving along rapidly. This one sounds a bit like the older Reroute to Remain sound. It’s sort of nice to have that flavor in the mix as well.

Our Infinite Struggle A nice chugging riff and drum combo start this one off prior to coming to a brief halt for the vocals to kick in. The band drops the riffs and power momentarily around the 2 minute mark for a bit of a slow down that’s a nice change of pace.

Vanishing Light The band keeps producing some great riffs throughout this album. Here’s another track without a cleanly sung chorus. There is a great chugging mosh added to this one here and there.

Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone The final track on the album is also the longest. It starts off slowly with some static and piano. After keeping up a wildly powerful and quick pace for the previous tracks, you’d almost half expect the band to slow it down a bit on the final song. It’s got a more ambient, “outro” feel for about the first 4 minutes before a huge riff hits. Fridén’s delivery is emotional and tortured. The riffs and vocals don’t last long though as it’s quickly back to the piano to end out the album.

There are instances on this album that harkens back to their more metal, darker days that make for a great dynamic when combined with the recent direction the band has taken their sound. If you were looking for a throw back album to the bands much older material this may not be the album for you, but if you like where they have gone since Reroute and wouldn’t mind hearing a bit of the old stuff thrown in, pick this one up quickly.

Favorite Tracks:
Take This Life
Pacing Death’s Trail

Additional Notes: