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Impiety, The Impious Crusade

Impiety: The Impious Crusade

Over the past several releases, Impiety have appeared in search of a cohesive voice. Whether it was the meandering progressive influences in the form of a 40+ minute EP or regression into slash and burn, blasting metal, there has just been something missing from this group of heathens. The Impious Crusade, the group’s latest EP, is perhaps a sign that the voice they have been in search of has finally been unearthed.

Impiety offer up four original scores and a cover of Sorcery’s “Lucifer’s Legions” with this release. Incorporating a solid amount of technical acumen, the guys have finally found a sound that is as balanced as it is destructive. “Prelude (Arrival of the Assassins)” serves more as an intro but it hints at a more dynamic overall sound — massive riffage that is complex and a rhythm section that not only is bludgeoning, but also appropriately restrained when need be. “Commanding Death & Destroy” gets the blood flow flooding from an open gash along the side of your head with up-tempo, thundering drums and driving riffs. This isn’t a full-on blasting affair, but instead calculated and direct. It’s great to hear a rejuvenated band and a more connected aural attack. Amongst the bruising rhythms and frantic eruptions is an underlying, head-banging groove.

“Accelerate the Annihilation” is one of the more aggressive tracks on this short EP as it forgoes the groove for a few minutes and focuses it’s malicious intent with rapidly shifting riffs and charging tempo changes. It’s one of the more varied songs as it carries an ever changing flow, yet still feels entirely smooth. The title track continues the rapid fire attack with machine gunning drums and screeching guitars. It’s as violent a track as the band has ever delivered, but it’s got a bit more complexity to it that requires a few spins to fully digest.

Impiety finish you off with a faithful and blasphemous-filled cover of Sorcer’s “Lucifer’s Legions.” And there you have it. The Impious Crusade isn’t just a return to form for the band, but more an expansion of their sound as they incorporate a more technical aspect to their music. I love the direction and it’s great to see them all getting on the same page.