November 20, 2008 | | 3.5

Gruesome Stuff Relish, Horror Rises from...

Previously released on Razorback Records earlier this year, this reissue from Spain’s gore-grind masters, Gruesome Stuff Relish houses 21 tracks of horror schlock insanity that should put a sadistic grin on any metal heads face. Groove filled grind is on the menu today, served with a side of ruptured spleen and zombie guts. Gruesome Stuff Relish not only deliver the gore grind goods, but they do it with a flair for the fun.

There is plenty of groove in every truckload of sludge that encompasses driving riffs and steady rhythms. Horror Rises from the Tomb is gory, raw and infectious as only these Spaniard know how to deliver.

Triumph of the Dead
The opening track has more groove than you can shake a severed limb at. The riffs are raw and sludgy. The vocals consists of guttural growls, throaty gurgles and raspy shouts. I love it! There’s a nice arterial eruption of activity after the two minute mark that introduces layered gurgles and growls.

“Psychoslasher” is fast, frenetic and violent yet has a very thick, beefy sound. Its catchy beat will have you nodding along with your own blood stained knife.

Horror Rises From The Tomb
The title track starts off with static and brief sound clips before massive riffs and driving drums come in with layered rasps and gurgles.

Fullmoon Ritual
Rapid fire drums and guitar distorted guitars dominate “Fullmoon ritual” as the band jumps from tempo to tempo with beefy riffs and rhythms. Catchy hooks and manic drumming highlight the second half of this one.

Violenza Carnale
An extended sound clip leads in this next one as textured guitars and driving drums fill the air as the vocals gurgle the story of four lost women stalked by a sociopath in the wilderness. Sounds like a love story to me.

I Know What You Did Last Summer…(In Thailand)
This next one is all noise and nonsensical screams for about 20 seconds.

The Symbol of Tupanamba
I love the beat to this one. It compliments the static textured guitars nicely as the layered growls and gurgles force their way to the forefront of the din of noise. The chorus is catchy, as well.

Love Goddess of the Cannibals
Driving drums and guitars bring in guttural vocals behind the sludgy textures that cover this one like coagulating blood on my windshield. The layered vocals are excellent on this one ranging from deep guttural to higher end shrieks.

Z Is For Zombie
“Z Is For Zombie” sounds like the title of a great childrens book. The 30 second clip consists for grinding drums, indecipherable guttural growls and spastic guitars.

The Dead Will Walk The Earth
I love the opening riff on “The Dead Will Walk The Earth.” It’s a classic bit of guitar work that brings in a steady rhythm and caustic vocals. I think these dudes may love zombies more than myself.

Hordes of Death
Yup, it’s official. My love for the walking dead is no match for that of Gruesome Stuff Relish. They are true fanatics. More textured guitars permeate the sludge with a steady drum beat and layered growls.

Blow Their Heads
At least they give us some valuable tactics for dispatching the undead if we’re ever attacked. Huge thick guitars and bludgeoning drums deliver the message of zombie decapitation with brutal effect. Man I love grind-core.

Feast of the Cannibal
You can never go wrong with lyrics like, “Wounded and sore. Drowned in gore. Dismembered alive. Left to die.” I mean, that’s some seriously classic shit right there. And when it’s delivered with caustic guitars and groove fueled rhythms it’s that much more difficult to deny.

“Virus” starts out with some great riffs before descending into madness with grinding drums and sludge. The layered vocals only add to the chaos as the group pummels their way through to the end of the song.

Bloodshed In Weert
Ten seconds of driving riffs and grinding drums deliver layered growls and grunts.

Ultra Zombie Mayhem
This one is definitely some “Ultra Zombie Mayhem” on every level. The guitars are thicker and more driven. The drum blasts are more animalistic and frenzied as the band add layered growls and gurgles over top the noise.

Grind Scene ’91
This is definitely a throwback track that pays homage to those bands that helped mold and shape their own sound. Classy and yet raw, unfiltered grind.

Somewhere At An Altar III
If it’s not zombies with these guys, it’s cannibals. The opening guitar work is memorable and classic as the band erupts in a frenzy of manic drumming and guitar squeals. Thirty seconds later, it’s over.

Nudo e Selvaggio
This on is thick as a barrel of fermenting innards. Sludgy riffs dominate as beefy drums pummel and drive the song to its slowly fading end.

True Gore
The first of two bonus tracks on this reissue, “True Gore” is full of distorted guitars and raw vocals. The groove to this one is undeniable and easy as hell to get lost in. There’s some nice guitar squeals that break up the sludge a good bit, but are quickly swallowed by pummeling drums.

Invasion of the Flesh Hunters
The final track on the album opens with a great punk riff before settling into a mid tempo pace with heavy handed drum work and driving riffs. The vocals are raspy and raw as the band shovels through the corpses to wrap up this stellar album.

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What more could any fan of gore-grind want than zombified lyrics, grinding guitars layered in heaps of sludge and manic drum work that;ll leave you battered and bruised. Not to mention the tongue in cheek horror humor that dominates the album. Gruesome Stuff Relish’s Horror Rises From The Tomb is raw, infectious and down right fun as hell to listen to. This one is highly recommended.

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