April 7, 2008 | | 3

Flaccid Clitoris, Lymphangitic Carcinomatosis

I’m pretty sure you can digest what these guys are fisting down your gullet by checking out the titles of the two tracks on this demo. Complete and utter disregard for all things general humanity consider decent, this duo plow through just over four minutes of ultra violent extreme death metal in the vein of Digested Flesh and Devourment. Throwing in a few samples here and there only prove to amplify the completely indecipherable, guttural vocals and crushing riffs.

While Tom handles the unintelligible grunts and growls with devestating effect, Vince had got his bloody mitts into the programming and guitar work. The two combine for a violent trip through inhuman drum blasts, nasty guitar work and chugging mosh.

Umbilical Rape
The first track starts off with a few brutal blasts before the insanely deep guttural vocals come in with ferocity. This mid-tempo beast explodes strategically as Tom barks and growls through vocals I can only dare to imagine. The 1:20 mark sees the band get a littler creative and tone back the onslaught smoothly before errupting with a blast of drum programming. The track ends just as quickly as it started.

Ember Sodomy
A sound clip gets this one started. I think it’s Italian and lasts just about 20 seconds before being swallowed whole by demonic vocals and pummeling drums and riffs. There are some nice guitar highlights throughout this one as the duo rupture blood vessels at just past the 1:10 mark. Again an abrupt stop to the track ends the demo.

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It’s never easy to come to conclusions on a band after only a couple of tracks, but I can pretty safely say that Flaccid Clitoris are indeed brutal and their grinding death metal can only be described as violent. Sure, the drums have that distinct programed sound, but it’s not enough to take anything away from the effect this demo has.

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