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After various splits, demos and EPs it’s finally time for the first full length from obscure death metal masters OMINOUS CRUCIFIX! Hailing from the crypts of Mexico, OMINOUS CRUCIFIX offers the world The Spell of Damnation, eight new tracks of crawling, rancid and occult death metal that will tear the ribs out of your putrid body. The album will be released through FDA Rekotz on January 13th in Germany and February 6th for the rest of the world. The Spell of Damnation is a mandatory purchase for fans of Vallenfyre, early Asphyx, Necros Christos and Sonne Adam!

Track listing:

  1. Third Day Resurrection
  2. Putrid Purity
  3. Primitive Sin
  4. Defiling The Altars Of An Absent God
  5. Secular Omens Of Doom
  6. Church Of Death
  7. The Spell Of Damnation
  8. Repulsive Sanctification Of The Absurd