October 3, 2008 | | 3.5

Exit Wounds, Exit Wounds

After a well received MCD last year, Poland’s Exit Wounds return with their self-titled debut full length. With 30 tracks weighing in at just under 23 minutes, you know that you are in for one hell of a ferocious ride. Featuring an old school bludgeon-first-ask-questions-second flavor of brutal grindcore, the album tears through those 30 songs with unrelenting fury.

Reaching deep into the bag of nasty riffs, Exit Wounds hit hard and often with blunt force to your cranium in the way of crushing, discordant guitars and bruising blasts. The vocals vary from track to track but are mostly a layered mixture of higher end screams, guttural growls and death gurgles. The overall result is caustic, violent and grin inducing. Exit Wounds is just what a sociopath needs to get them through the day.

The Gallows
The first of 30 songs starts off with a brief sound clip before textured, discordant guitars erupt with manic blasts and layered screams. Our introduction to Exit Wounds lasts approximately 38 seconds — a brief, violent 38 seconds to say the least.

Bombs At The Horizon
This next track has some driving riffs, skin blasting rhythms and caustic screams. There are some nice tempo shifts in the short 28 seconds it’s playing so pay attention.

Cold Machines
I’m digging the opening drum work and riffs for this one. The band quickly devolves into a swirling dervish of sonic chaos with crushing walls of distortion and rapid fire rhythms.

Useless Corpse
“Useless Corpse” has a serious dose of sludge layered over top of it as it builds to the 40 second mark and an eruption of furious blasts and riffs. This one actually makes it to the one minute mark.

Rifle Tattooed Temple
A sound clip of screams and alarms greets the listener at the start of this next song. Exit Wounds quickly destroy that clip with bludgeoning drums and discordant riffing. The layered screams on this disc work real well together.

The Insane
If you’re not insane after this brutal assault then you, my friend, are a grind core listening freak. “The Insane” has some seriously crushing riffage and manic drum blasts.

Fire At Will
I love the start to this one as it quickly succumbs to pile driving blasts and punk influenced vocals shouts and screams. This is one hell of a kick ass track.

Break Down The System
The building riffs and static drumming that get this one going only set you up for a blindside of sonic destruction as the vocals come in. This one is nasty to the bone.

Mind Of The Fall
A series of high pitched screams get this one going with thick rhythms and creative riff work. I’m definitely digging the “groove’ to this one.

Face Of The Assassin
Sheer, violent chaos is the only ting you’ll see in the “Face of the Assassin.” This track is 37 seconds of maddening riffs and caustic screams.

Hand Of The Dictator
There’s a little more structure to “Hand of the Dictator” with a subtle old school Napalm Death feel to it. As one of the longer songs on the album it’s an epic piece (1:47 in length) of churning, metallic grind. Hell, there’s even a solo at the 1:15 mark that’s got an “I don’t give a fuck” feel to it.

… and we’re back to our regularly scheduled manic blasts of acidic guitars and skull pummeling drums.

Annihilated By The Flamethrower
This one has vocal screams that make you wish you were currently being devoured by flames. This one is discordant to a fault with high pitched vocals that grate on your every nerve.

Bullet’s Hole
Reverb and a punk rhythm get this one going for a few seconds before it’s squashed like an ant on the sidewalk by a massive wall of distorted guitars and barbaric drums.

Wipe Out Frustration
A crazy series of sound clips fills the first 25 seconds of this rapid fire burst of frantic guitars, screams and chugging rhythms. It does settle into a slick bit of groove oriented metal around the :47 mark but then explodes once again at the one minute point before abruptly falling silent.

Gasmask Fetish
“Gasmask Fetish” is thick and bruising with huge riffs and unrelenting drum work. Hang on for this short ride.

Festering Blisters
Reverb and a female voice are the only warning you have to take cover on this next one. “Festering Blisters” will eave you scorched and bleeding with caustic, chainsaw riffing and thick rhythms.

Another Shit Movie
Covering Haymaker’s “Another Shit Movie,” Exit Wounds lights you up with punk infused grindcore that’s raw, unrelenting and in your face. Awesome.

Hangin’ Heads
Thick tones dominate this short track with lots of texture and discordant riffing. The pace nears obsession in the groups aim of total aural annihilation.

Brand New Terrorist
I love the opening riffs to this chaotic piece of noise. It only lasts about 20 seconds but it’s a short, violent ride.

He Got Shot
“He Got Shot” has some thick rhythms and nasty riffs in just over 30 seconds.

You’re The Bullet
Here’s a 7 second shot of hate in the vein of Napalm Death.

If He Wants You, He Will Get You
And another…

Fuck You And Get Lost
After that double barrel shot, Exit Wounds comes back with this crushing track with some sweet tempo shifts and start/stop rhythms. This is a slick track.

After Suicide
There’s an undeniable attitude that is certainly felt in this song’s music. It’s definitely one of those tracks that stands out in its ferocity and aggressiveness.

“Berserk” has some dark riffing and more manic drum work as the vocals scream and shout over top the din of noise. The track ends with a big scream and a little reverb.

Things Never Change
That was one gnarly sound clip to get this one pummeling along your skull. Lots of thick tones and guttural growls. This one is a cover of Retaliation that shreds pretty god damned hard. There’s lots of layered vocal deliveries on this one.

Face The Reality
Fast, rapid bludgeoning is the order of the day with “Face The Reality.”

The Hook
A rather long, foreign language clip fills the first 50 or so seconds of this one. After that, slowly building, sludge filled riffs come in like some mutated beast from the fringes of some Florida swamp. That’s right, there’s a little Obituary channeling in this one. Aside from the sound clip that makes several appearances, this is a sweet track that showcases the band’s slower paced talents.

Chuje Fuck Off
The final track on this blasting album starts off slowly and quietly for the first 15 or so seconds like it’s supposed to be a hidden track. There are some sweet blasts and groove filled grind on this one that has a more relaxed approach to the vocals.

~ ~ ~

So you say you’re in the mood for a little grindcore. How about something dripping with violent psychosis and vehemence? Exit Wound’s debut album has that and more. Pop this disc into your favorite ghetto blaster, secure your straight jacket and hold on tight.

Favorite Tracks:
Just about all of them

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