July 28, 2008 | | 3.5

Dred, A Path to Extinction

Hailing from the dark land down under, Dred play an evil brand of metal that has one cloven hoof firming in old school thrash while the other is stomping around in death metal. The group combines the two genres into a dark and aggressive mix. The mid to high-tempo shifts throughout this EP’s four tracks pushes the listener along with technical riffs that give way to searing solos, pummeling rhythms and deep, guttural vocals that at times seem more suited for gore-grind (but I still dig them in this setting).

Absent From Entity
The opening track starts off with a series of blasting riffs and drums before the band settles into a nice high paced chug for the first 30 seconds before a bit of catchy guitar work comes in with a large growl. The vocals are pretty thick, guttural and evil — just the way I like them. There is some creative drum work throughout the track that should keep you thoroughly entertained. There’s a pretty sick solo after the two minute mark that lasts a good 40 seconds or so.

Animal, Man… Machine
“Animal, Man… Machine” starts off with some slick riffing and drum work as Dred settle into a galloping, mid to high-tempo pace. The guttural vocals come in around the :40 mark and then the pace quickens with maniacal drum work and driving guitars. The pace slows after the two minute point with heavy drum work and memorable guitars. This track is a chugging monstrosity of metal. The technical solo at the 4:10 mark should definitely not be missed.

Sea To Summit
Chugging guitars and driving drums get this one going as a slick bit of guitar wizardry comes in at :18 then settles into a mid-tempo galloping groove after the one minute mark. Hell the band even throws in a small breakdown just before the three minute mark that’s a nice change of pace. Some more slick leads nearly fill the entire fourth minute with slick picking and sweeps.

Edifice Of Tyrrany
The final track on the EP starts off with nasty guitars and steady drum work before descending into a churning pit of thrashing demons. I love the solo that starts just before the one minute mark. There are some really nice tempo changes throughout this one that will leave you panting for more. The track has a section around the 5:30 mark that’s got a massive wall of bruising riffs and drums.

~ ~ ~

Honestly man, I really wanted to hear more of these guys. Four songs of Dred’s take on pummeling death/thrash is just too much of a tease to handle. Manic drums, crushing riffs, soaring solos and a beastly guttural vocal delivery all combine to create sheer devastation across their home continent — spreading like a dark shroud over the rest of the globe.

Favorite Tracks:
All of them

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