May 1, 2015 | , | 3.75

Die Choking, II

Die Choking: II

Die Choking’s self-titled debut EP was a pretty solid grinding, punk-infused and crusty introduction to the band. Their second EP on offer, simply titled II is just as grindy, but even that much more off-kilter in comparison to the first release. It’s not as punk influenced and a good bit more experimental, if you will.

At just five songs in under six minutes, there’s not a ton of music to digest on II, but that which we are presented with here is as violent and burly as you can get. “Non-Yielder” lasts but just under a minute, but it solidly delivers blasting drums, vicious barks and rabid tempo shifts. “People Like You” is even a bit more off-kilter and messy (in a good way) as Die Choking pummel their way through its short 34 second run time.

“Spent Fuel Pool” is certainly more developed in songwriting, but no less clean. It’s a layered, cacophonous affair that is sure to leave you bruised and battered after its swirling guitars and crashing drums have subsided. “Civilian” changes things up a bit with a crusty stoner vibe to the opening riffs and methodical pace. It’s fuller and meatier than the previous three songs, leaning more on a bit of a tough guy hardcore influence similar to old Shattered Realm.

At 1:34 in run time, EP closer “Tonsil” is the longest track on the short release. It’s also probably the more frenetic and spastic track. Grinding drums, burly slow downs, snarling growls and more fill this brief song with as much energy as the bad can muster. It’s a solid end to this second EP from Die Choking and continues to whet the appetite for their upcoming full-length.