October 31, 2005 | | 4

Despised Icon, The Healing Process

Despised Icon plays a style of metal that is technical and pounding. The sound on this album can only be described as immense. It’s got plenty of blastbeats, huge breakdowns, and dual death metal style vocalists screaming and growling their asses off. The intensity of this band’s delivery on this release makes for a classic album that any fan of heavy music should have in their collection.

It’s not often that a dual vocalist attack has as much flow as this. More often than not, bands with two lead singers fit into two categories:

The guys screaming on this release, Steve Marois and Alexandre Erian, have a great complimentary range between the two of them. One has a vocal delivery that is more mid-range with the ability to hit some higher notes, while the other delivery fits in a mid to low range. The combined delivery fits into neither of the above instances as both guys have a vocal range that slides into the others primary abilities. It makes for a singing trade off that is very slick and dynamic. From high-mid range screams to indeciferable gutteral growls that would make Satan himself proud, this band’s vocal attack is unrivaled.

Musically, the band is all death, with technical and grind touches to their playing. There are plenty of breakdowns and intense blastbeat sequences to keep any death metal fan happy.

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